Special Minutes

NJCA: Incoming and Outgoing Members’ Board Meeting – Brookdale Community College (Navesink 1 – Student Life Center) Saturday, April 14, 2018 -approximately 4:40-5:15pm

In attendance: (partial list): Martin Alonzo, Barbara Baron, Allison Edgley, Todd Kelshaw, Chris Lynch, Dan Leyes, Henrietta Nwako,  Evelyn Plummer, Gary Radford, Chris Walker,  Cynthia Walker


  1. Initial conference post mortem observations –

> Gina Marcello was unable to attend so at this time, the gavel was passed in-concept-only  to incoming president Barbara Baron.

> The online registration form incorrectly listed the faculty fee as $90 instead of $100.

> Using Paypal still is not ideal for our registration needs. Treasurer, Chris Caldiero had to manually create a spreadsheet in order to keep track of memberships and had to contact registrants separately—outside of the Paypal application.

> The display tables (Publishers – e.g. Kendall Hunt and Institutions– e.g. Rutgers) constitute a valuable means for promotion and we should work to solicit more participation. One idea offered was to include a table in the Institutional membership fee. Overall, Barbara would like to see a wider presence of such sponsorship.

> Chris Walker was thanked for his work on restoring the NJCA website. It was suggested that we use the site to foreground such promotional items as images from the conference and/or the names of award winners—rather than having visitors land first on such internal information as the minutes from board meetings.  P.R. director, Allison Edgley will work to ensure photos from the conference are posted on the site.

> The adjunct certification program continues to be a strong selling point. Chris Lynch reminded all to promote it to graduate students and current adjuncts at our respective institutions. He would like to see wider representation from institutions throughout the state. In addition, he is planning to contact department chairs to let them know of our growing database of certified adjuncts (now up to 10).  Barbara pointed out that some schools have very strict hiring regulations and having candidates’ images visible might create a problem for objective hiring practices. Consequently, current practice will be maintained which lists only names, date of certification, degrees, courses taught, and previous adjunct employment.

> Some discussion followed regarding procedures for this year’s top paper awards, including: “What are the requirements for author to be present?” and “Is there a limit on the number of co-authors?”  Todd clarified that he and Rick had read the submitted papers and believed it was appropriate this year to add awards for faculty & for an institution; however, with only two posters, they decided not to give an award in that area.  Mostly due to oversight, no monetary awards were distributed at this year’s conference.  It was noted that a variety of procedures have been used in the past—depending on the financial health of the Association. This year, some of the winners received autographed copies of Dr. Olson’s book.


  1. Suggestions & looking to the future

> Now that we have regained our nonprofit status, several past obstacles are now gone. Chris Lynch noted that, once again, it might be possible to accept donations and in-kind contributions such as publishers sponsoring breakfast/refreshment breaks.

> Barbara suggested writing a congratulatory letter to the institutions of award winners.

> Barbara mentioned that in addition to promoting communication pedagogy in the broad sense, it might be beneficial to offer some ultra-basic instructional workshops–such as how to grade a speech. Chris Lynch confirmed that as the program grows, so will the breadth of the topics.

> Having a mini-job fair was mentioned as a possibility, but the additional costs to registrants (both the candidate and the interviewing institutions) might prove to be hindrances to participation.

>Todd will be emailing the Board over the summer reminding us to give our students early notice in order to have papers ready for submission by January. Montclair has new facilities and will be well suited to media-related topics. And the renowned music group, THE PROFESSORS , likely will perform at the end of the conference.


  1. Issues with the Publisher

> Barbara and Allison reiterated issues mentioned at the previous meetings. They continue to receive very little response from “Gillian” who is supposed to be the person in charge of our account at Taylor & Francis. Gary pointed out that he has had a long standing, face-to-face relationship with an administrator in a higher position at T & F and part of the problem may be due to “Gillian’s” brief experience with the company and our needs.  The mis-delivery problems are probably due to T & F not using the correct mailing list (e.g. several instances where those who should receive it, don’t (e.g.  faculty/institutional members) and those who shouldn’t receive it do (e.g. student members).   Another issue is the continually increasing cost. The fee we are being charged has increased by about $1400 over the last 2 years. (currently approximately $3800/$23 per copy). Barbara also would like to explore the possibility of converting to an ejournal.   Gary should be copied on any future correspondence conducted with T& F.

Respectively submitted, Evelyn Plummer, recording secretary 4/21/18