NJ Certification for Teaching Communication in Higher Education

Who Can Participate: This is a certification for anyone who is an adjunct in the State of New Jersey who has a M.A. in a Communication related field. The certification is for any communication graduate student who wishes to teach as an adjunct or plans to get a PhD and seek a tenured position. This certification is for any communication professional who wants to share your knowledge in the Communication classroom.


Eligible: Anyone with or completing an MA in a Communication related field.


1)  Attend two NJCA conferences over a period of two years (beginning 2015).

At each conference attend session on teaching communication.

First session in April 2015 — What is Communication Pedagogy?

Second Session in April 2016 — How Do Communication Professionals Research?

Third  Session in April 2017 — Where is the Intersection of Communication Theory and


2) Participate in an annual webinar (or three webinars)

3) Two references from two tenured faculty in New Jersey

References are teaching evaluations from two different hour long classes in communication .

Benefits: You are a member of NJCA and you can be listed as a Certified Adjunct  on the NJCA database as long as you remain a member of NJCA. Potential employers will have access to the database. You will receive a printed certificate.

Fee: The fee is the fee for membership in NJCA.

This does not guarantee a teaching position.

For more information on teacher certification, contact Dr. Christopher Lynch at clynch@kean.edu.