NJCA Certification for Teaching Communication In Higher Education

Who Can Participate: This is a certification for anyone who is an adjunct in the State of New Jersey who has a M.A. in a Communication related field. The certification is for any communication graduate student who wishes to teach as an adjunct or plans to get a PhD and seek a tenured position. This certification is for any communication professional who wants to share your knowledge in the Communication classroom.

Eligible: Anyone with or completing an MA in a Communication related field.


1)  Attend two NJCA conferences over a period of two years.
At each conference attend session(s) on teaching communication.

Sample Topics:

  • April 2015 — What is Communication Pedagogy?
  • April 2016 — How Do Communication Professionals Research?
  • April 2017 — Where is the Intersection of Communication Theory and Practice?
  • March 2020 — Vision 2020: Communicating Clarity and Transparency
  • March 2022 — Best Practices for the 21st century/ Strategies for successful college teaching
  • Upcoming April 2023 — Nuancing Representation / Strategies for teaching Interpersonal & Intercultural perspectives

2) Write a reaction paper on a posted webinar.

3) Submit two references from two tenured faculty in New Jersey. References = teaching evaluations from two different hour long classes in communication.

Benefits: You are a member of NJCA and you can be listed as a Certified Adjunct  on the NJCA database as long as you remain a member of NJCA. Potential employers will have access to the database. You will receive a printed certificate.

Fee: The fee is the fee for membership in NJCA.
This does not guarantee a teaching position.

For more information on teacher certification, contact Dr. Evelyn Plummer.