Call for Papers


New Jersey Communication Association
Call for Papers

23nd Annual Conference
Montclair University
April 6, 2019

Essentially, communication is a playful practice. In making sense of communication, Jaques Derrida, for one, toyed with the idea of jeu while Ludwig Wittgenstein and Jean-François Lyotard reveled in the “language games” that bring meaning to life. But one not need be a continental philosopher to have fun with communication’s playfulness. It is evident in the encounters we have in online gaming communities; in the strategic messaging of our political contests; in the dynamics of improvisational dialogue and theatre; in the exuberance of our learning environments; in the liveliness of sports and our discourses about them; in the cat-and-mouse maneuvers of our criminal justice systems—truly, anywhere our utterances play off of each other, which is, well, everywhere.

Join us on April 6, 2019 at Montclair State University as we mess around with notions and practices of fun and games as they play out across the contexts of our communicative lives. We welcome academic papers, posters, thematic presentation panels, conversation circles, hands-on workshops and demonstrations, and, of course, fun and games of any creative sort. The NJCA values participation of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty scholars, and practitioners whose ideas and applications span wide-ranging topics and contexts of communication.

We are especially pleased that, for our keynote address, Dr. John Gastil of Pennsylvania State University will discuss his scholarly and applied work concerning the prospects for “gamifying” online civic engagement.



Proposal submitters are expected (if scheduled) to register and attend the conference. If a submitted paper has multiple authors, please indicate at the time of submission which author(s) will present the paper at the conference.

All submissions must include this statement of professional responsibility (on the submission’s cover page and in the body of the email): In submitting the attached panel/paper proposal, I/we agree to present at the 2019 NJCA conference if it is accepted. I/we further recognize that all who attend and present at NJCA must register and pay the required fees.

Submissions are to be emailed to Dr. Todd Kelshaw at In addition to the statement of professional responsibility provided above, please include this information in the email’s body:

  • Name(s) of presenter(s)
  • Title of paper/panel/poster/session
  • Abstract
  • 3-5 keywords/phrases
  • Student status if relevant (graduate or undergraduate)
  • School affiliation and department
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Papers should be 25 double-spaced pages or less. They may be completed papers or summaries of in-progress work. Provide a running head (partial title) for identification.

Posters should be able to stand or be laid on a table for display. They should be no less than 28” by 38” and contain no more than 200 words. The poster should tell a story that is self-explanatory through images. The images should show a relationship between each other. To submit for inclusion in the conference’s poster session, provide one paragraph with a 100-word summary (in addition to the informational items listed above).

All other panels, roundtables, workshops, and other session formats should include the session title, thematic summary, presenters’ names (and brief individual abstracts if appropriate), and a statement of justification (i.e., the value of this session).

Submissions must be sent by Monday February 4, 2019
to Dr. Todd Kelshaw, Montclair State University,