Asian Support Statement


In response to the increase in anti-Asian hate speech and acts of violence driven by
COVID-19 fears, unfounded conspiracy theories and latent racism, the NJCA Executive Board denounces all forms of misogynistic violence, racism, discrimination, xenophobia and nativism. We condemn these attacks and the racist rhetoric that fuels them. We call on all members of our Association and the general public to actively resist ill-informed, biased perspectives about Asian people. We stand in solidarity with our Asian colleagues and their Communities and extend our support to those affected. 

As we mourn those who were lost, we also affirm our commitment to becoming a deeply anti-racist organization and working towards a more just society. As a collective of communication scholars and practitioners, we are committed to social justice and understand the need for transparent, open, and culturally sensitive dialogue. We need to work collectively to stop anti-Asian racism along with all other forms of racism and discrimination in our society.