Want a Free ECA Membership?

Hi NJCA members!

Great news: As in initiative to strengthen its relationships with state-level communication organizations, the Eastern Communication Association is providing three NJCA members with free annual memberships.

At our board meeting on Saturday, we decided to prioritize people who wish to attend the ECA convention in Baltimore this April. (You’d still have to pay for conference registration but it would be at the discounted member cost; and, of course, you wouldn’t have to pay for membership, which comes with a journal and other benefits.)

For information about ECA and the 2020 convention, see the association’s site: https://www.ecasite.org/aws/ECA/pt/sp/Home_Page

If you wish to have a chance to win an ECA membership, please email Todd Kelshaw at todd.kelshaw@montclair.edu before 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday 1/29. (Apologies for the quick turn-around. We have to get the names to ECA by the end of the month.)

After getting a list of names, we’ll draw three randomly. Voila!

–Todd Kelshaw

A Message from Todd Kelshaw

Dear NJCA members who are Lambda Pi Eta faculty advisors or affiliates:

At each NJCA conference, we try to schedule a session for Lambda Pi Eta
members to share/discuss scholarship, contemporary issues, professional
applications of their communication education, and/or some other topic.
This inter-chapter session can help our students to connect socially and

As I’m preparing a session proposal (in light of the 1/27 due-date), I
ask you to let me know if you anticipate that your chapter’s Lambda Pi
Eta students will be attending the NJCA conference on 3/28 and will be
interesting in such a session. I don’t need specific students’ names for
the proposal, but I would like to include the names of participating

Please contact me at todd.kelshaw@montclair.edu at your earliest
convenience. Thanks!