Minutes – Nov. 8, 2018

NJCA Executive Board Phone Conference
Thursday, November 8, 2018 – 7:30pm

In attendance:  Chris Caldiero,  Rick Dool, Todd Kelshaw, Erica Osmond,  Evelyn Plummer, Gary Radford

Call to Order 7:34pm

  1. Reports/Information


  1. First Vice President Todd Kelshaw thanked those who were able to call in and asked for approval of the minutes of  April 14, 2018–both for the Annual Business meeting and  the Board to Board meeting)
  2. Atlantic Journal of Communication: Journal Editor, Gary Radford reported on the strength of the journal. Current submissions are under consideration for the April 2020 issue. Several updates followed.

(1)   Journal Editor, Gary Radford, President Barbara Baron, and Treasurer Christopher Caldiero have spoken with the publisher, Taylor & Francis who acknowledged that its mailing lists had become so outdated, it was willing to waive all outstanding invoices (approximately $5000-$6000). We currently have a zero balance. It’s now up to us to provide a correct membership list. Gary will forward the details of our new operational agreement with T & F to Todd.
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