Minutes Apr. 14, 2018

Minutes of the NJCA annual business meeting
April 14, 2018, Brookdale Community College, NJ   


  1. Call to Order: After lunch, the meeting was called to order at 12:25 by President Gina Marcello as she welcomed the attendees to the 22nd annual conference: Opening Doors, Building Bridges: Promoting Civility.
  2. President’s Report: She reported that through the efforts of Treasurer, Chris Caldiero, the association’s nonprofit status has been restored. In addition, she thanked Social Media Director, Chis Walker for the restoration of the NJCA website and 1st Vice President Barbara Baron for organizing this year’s conference.
  3. Treasurer’s Report: Christopher Caldiero reported that the NJCA has regained its nonprofit status with the IRS. In addition, there is now a PayPal account with a linked checking account. Current plans point to using the same kind of online advance registration procedure next year. Overall, the association is in good financial shape.  Income is expected to cover expenses.
  4. Second Vice President’s Report: Todd Kelshaw announced that next year’s conference currently is scheduled for April 6, 2019 at Montclair State University with the theme: “Fun and Games” (as interpreted  broadly to include ideas as diverse as Wittgenstein,  gaming, sports,  debate, etc. ). Dr. John Gastil will give the Keynote address.  A renowned scholar in deliberative democracy, Dr. Gastil also researches group decision making and online civic engagement.
  5. Journal Editor’s Report: Gary Radford provided a written report on the status of Atlantic Journal of Communication (AJC) (see below). He reminded the body that the Journal has had a long history which actually predates the NJCA. Several factors demonstrate the journal’s quality and credibility, including an international reach, blind peer review, competitive acceptance rates, and being published by Taylor & Francis, the same company used by the National Communication Association. There are five issues per year with the fifth generally being a special issue. The next such special issue is being edited by Dr. Howard Giles on the topic of Group Communication.

The business meeting was paused at 12:36 for a recognition of the Association’s past presidents and for the Keynote address by Clark D. Olson, Ph.D., Arizona State University. His talk was followed by a question & answer segment moderated by Immediate Past President, Bob Mann.

President Gina Marcello resumed the meeting at 1:22.

  1. Election: Copies of the slate of executive board positions had been distributed at the registration desk and throughout the conference, anyone interested in open positions signed in with Gina Marcello. As a result, all but three positions were filled. Gina moved that the slate be accepted and anyone interested in the open positions should contact Todd Kelshaw directly. The assembled body agreed to this procedure. The slate was approved by a majority vote. Therefore, at this meeting, the following people were elected to the 2018-2019 NJCA Executive Board:


Immediate Past President          1yr  Gina Marcello, Georgian Court University

President                                    1yr  Barbara Baron, Brookdale Community College

1st Vice President                       1yr Todd Kelshaw, Montclair State University

2nd Vice President                      1yr  Richard Dool, Rutgers University

Treasurer                                    3yr (1 rem) Christopher Caldiero, Fairleigh Dickinson

Recording Secretary                   3yr Eve Plummer, Seton Hall University

Membership Director                 3yr Henrietta Nwako, Kean University

Journal Editor                             3yr (1rem) Gary Radford, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Social Media Director                 3yr Christopher Walker, St Peter’s University

Historian                                         3yr (1rem)  Thom Gencarelli, Manhattan College

Adjunct Certification Coordinator     3yr (2 rem) Christopher Lynch, Kean University

Special Projects Director                1yr  Tihesha Jackson-Aaron, Montclair State University

Public Relations Director                 1yr Allison Edgley, Kean University

Member At-Large 1                         1yr  John Pollock, The College of New Jersey

Member At-Large 2                         ______Open____________

Undergraduate Student Rep.            ______Open____________

Graduate Student Rep.                    1yr Martin Alonso, Kean University

Organizational Rep.                           ______Open____________

Community College Rep.                     1yr Erica Osmond, Rowan College at Burlington County SomeRandomWords 

  1. 7. Top papers: Certificates presented today. Several winners received autographed copies of Dr. Olson’s book. Special Projects Director, Rick Dool presented the following awards:

Top Undergraduate Paper – single author:  Law and Legal issues: “Fan Works and Copyright: An Introspective Analysis of Fan Practices”, Desiree Gomez, St. Peter’s University

Top Undergraduate–co-authored: (TIE)  Nationwide Coverage of the Opiod Abuse Crisis”, Brittany Cruz, Sabrina Garcia, Chris Moncada, Morgan Tarrant, Nolan DeVoe, Patrick Moore, The College of New Jersey

Top Undergraduate–co-authored: (TIE)   Nationwide Newspaper Coverage of Urban Relocation”, O’dean Eccleston, Annette Espinoza, Patrick Moore, Madison Storcella, Melissa Morgan, The College of New Jersey

Top Graduate Paper-single author:  US Muslim Satirical Encoders on You Tube: Combatting or Introducing Stereotypes”, Omar Hammad, Rutgers University

Top Faculty Paper: Appreciative Inquiry and Higher Education”, Julio A. Rodriguz-RentasPaul Zick, State University of New York-Westchester Community College

Institutional Award for Contribution to Scholarship: John Pollock & The College of New Jersey


  1. Adjunct Certification: Coordinator Chris Lynch requested that attendees alert graduate students and any current adjuncts of the NJCA “Certified Communication Adjunct Initiative. Those who complete the multi-step procedure receive listing in the NJCA online database which is offered as a resource to hiring administrators. Additional information about the program can be found via the NJCA website. Today’s certificate recipients represent the second set of certificate awardees:
    Deneen Marshall-Mike, Christina Mastroeni, Henrietta Nwako, Redona Omeri

President Gina Marcello reminded the body that next year’s conference will be hosted by Montclair State and the following year will be held at Rutgers.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:32.

Respectively submitted by Evelyn Plummer, recording secretary – 4/21/18

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