Call For Papers



New Jersey Communication Association
Call for Papers

22nd Annual Conference
Brookdale Community College
April 14, 2018

Our nation, indeed our world, has never been more polarized. People who disagree often take the posture of “agreeing to disagree,” then remaining silent. Our Democracy is not based on silence, but on the constructive sharing of different opinions. Communication scholars should be at the fore of fostering these discussions in a civil manner. The theme of the 2018 NJCA is “Opening Doors, Building Bridges: Promoting Civility.” This program theme encourages scholars to share ways they open their classrooms and their scholarship to the notion of difference and identify mechanisms and formats which successfully build bridges with others who may not be like-minded.

Join us April 14, 2018 at Brookdale Community College as we exchange ideas, pedagogy, and scholarly activities that will help us to promote civility in our classrooms, in public relations, journalism, media studies, organizational communication, political communication, sports broadcasting, talk radio, and interpersonal relationships. The convention will include a keynote address: “Hot Topics, Cool Heads: Promoting Civil Dialogue” featuring Dr. Clark D. Olson, Professor of Communication at the Hugh Downs School of Communication at Arizona State University.

We invite participation and contributions of scholars, teachers, students, administrators, and communication professionals, to submit extended abstracts or works in progress, full-length papers of 25 pages or less, panels, workshop ideas or other collaborative works for presentation.

Students at both the graduate and undergraduate level to are strongly encouraged to submit. An award for the best student paper at each level will be presented. A student poster session will also be a part of the conference. Poster submissions are welcome. Posters should ideally connect to the conference theme or a communication related topic. Posters should be able to stand or be laid on a table for display. They should be no less than 28″ by 38”. The poster can have no more than 200 words. The poster should tell a story that is self-explanatory through images. The images should show a relationship between each other. Send one paragraph with a 100-word summary of the project and school affiliation to Dr. Christopher Lynch ( If you submit a poster, you are expected to register and attend the conference.

*Please include the following information in your email and on the front page of your submission: name(s) of presenters, title of paper/panel, poster, abstract, 3-5 keywords/phrases, student status if relevant (graduate or undergraduate), school affiliation and department, address, phone number and email.
In addition, a statement of professional responsibility should be included on the cover or title page and should state the following: “In submitting the attached panel/paper proposal, I/we agree to present at the 2018 NJCA conference if it is accepted. I/we further recognize that all who attend and present at NJCA must register and pay the required fees.”

Submissions must be sent by February 20, 2018
to Prof. Barbara Baron, Brookdale Community College,

Minutes – Feb. 8, 2018

NJCA Executive Board Phone Conference
Thursday, February 8, 2018 – 5:30pm
In attendance:  Barbara Baron, Rick Dool, Mike Echols,  Allison Edgely, Todd Kelshaw ,               Christopher Lynch, Robert Mann, Gina Marcello,  Nick Messina , Evelyn Plummer, John Pollock , Christopher Walker

Conference Planning Updates:

  • First Vice President, Barbara Baron gave several updates. Currently approximately four submissions have been received from faculty and six from individual students. Several board members announced plans to submit additional panels. Nevertheless, the board strongly supported sticking to past practice and extending the submission deadline beyond the current date of 2/14/18.
  • Some clarification was requested on the features of an Institutional Membership (Fee includes 2 faculty members and 4 students [or 1 faculty member and 6 students] / Institutional memberships also include special rates for an ad in the program, names listed in the program , and acknowledgement during the business meeting.)
  • Although many of the College of New Jersey authors have a scheduling conflict (a health conference in Kentucky occurring on the same date) Barbara pointed out that in the case of multiple-author, student papers, it is not appropriate for the same individual to present more than one paper orally — even if he/she was a listed author on more than one paper.
  • Immediate Past President, Bob Mann will work to ensure that the keynote speech is recorded.
  • Brookdale Community College is generously providing usage of their facilities without extra charge and is allowing for use of outside catering services.
  • Second Vice President, Todd Kelshaw volunteered to assist Special Projects Director, Rick Dool with reading submissions and selecting the best paper winners.
  • Todd Kelshaw will coordinate with Barbara about which institutions might want to have a table. For example, he is interested in starting to promote Montclair as the location of next year’s conference.

Financial Matters:

  • Prior to the phone meeting, Treasurer, Chris Caldiero reported a balance of $8300  in the treasury—not including a pending payment to Taylor Francis for the Atlantic Journal of Communication. Chris is working on reactivating our Paypal account which currently is still under the name of a long past treasurer.
  • Several entities are providing financial support. We are particularly grateful for the continued contributions and support from Rutgers. This year Rutgers is providing $1500. The board expressed the importance of maintaining this alliance and Rick Dool verified that Rutgers is still interested in maintaining this connection. We probably should work toward holding the conference at Rutgers in the near future.
  • Barbara has been able to gain additional financial support from a variety of sources:
  • Kendall Hunt will pay for air fare of the keynote speaker (Dr. Clark D. Olson, Professor of Communication at the Hugh Downs School of Communication at Arizona State University. Dr. Olson is also willing to do an additional guest talk at Rutgers on the topic of civil dialogue but Rick Dool observed that might not be logistically feasible at this time. MacMillan publishers will be contributing $175 which we will put toward Dr. Olson’s lodging costs. Right now, the plan is for Dr. Olson to stay for two nights and he will receive an honorarium of $600.
  • Once again, the issue was raised about the high charges we receive from Taylor Francis (approximately $2000 a year). Of particular concern is the inaccurate distribution of the hard copy journals and the desirability of conversion to an ejournal. Some of these issues might be fixed with a more direct connection between our conference registration lists and Taylor/Francis’ mailing lists (e.g. student registrants should not be receiving the journal).   Barbara Baron and Public Relation Director, Allison Edgely have been unsuccessful in getting satisfactory responses from the contact person at Taylor/Francis: “Gillian”. They will be reaching out to our Journal Editor, Gary Radford who also has raised some of these issues with T/F in the past. Barbara also is pursuing the possibility of having AJC copies available at the conference.
  • Our non-profit status problems have been solved!

Updates on Website & Listerv issues.

  • Recently both the NJCA website as well as the membership email list has required major reconstruction. Social Media Director, Christopher Walker has already migrated key elements. There are still several problems with the reconstruction of the listserv. Several people have reported not receiving the calls this year even though Barbara had her secretary create a mass mailing of approximately 570 names in order to resend the call on 1/31/18. However, some people reported seeing lists out there with as many as 1600 names although not all may be valid. Several board members commented that this is an easy problem to fix and should be a task priority after this year’s conference.  In addition, information about the call has been disseminated through other means. Graduate and Undergraduate communication departments and Community Colleges have been directly contacted via those board representatives. In addition, President Gina Marcello has posted the call on Twitter and Facebook.
  • The conference registration function still needs to be added to the webpage. Barbara Baron and Chris Caldiero both endorse having all registrations done in advance if at all possible.
  • Christopher Walker has put in considerable work to re-instate our website. According to current arrangement is that Chris receives $20. monthly to maintain the site and he will submit an invoice for $200 for the work done to accomplish the migration. Although precedent exists for paying for website maintenance (e.g. we had agreed to pay Andy Mudrak of Rutgers $500 per 6 months—even though he did not receive all payments), Adjunct Certification Coordinator,  Christopher Lynch offered the recommendation to have the job performed by a fulltime faculty member who could use the website work to fulfill service-to-the-organization. President Gina Marcello observed that a high level of skills will be necessary to maintain a professional looking site, and we probably will need to pay for that.

Respectfully submitted by Evelyn Plummer, Recording Secretary, 2/11/18