Minutes - May 21, 2010

Minutes of the NJCA Executive Board Meeting

May 21, 2010, Bergen Community College, NJ 

Present: Robert Coles, Chad Dell, Mike Echols, Gina Herrmann, Sheila McAllister-Spooner, Gina Serafin-Persson, & Wenli Yuan. 

1.   Call to Order.  First Vice President Mike Echols called the meeting to order at 11:25am. 

2.   First Vice President’s Report.  Mike announced that next year’s conference will be held on March 19, 2011 (Saturday) in Bergen Community College.  Rooms, technicians and parking spaces will be available on that day.  He asked about the paper reviewing procedure, and Sheila suggested that we may use a software EasyChair to assist with paper reviewing.  

3.   Treasurer’s Report.   According to the budget report provided by Hui-Min Kuo, NJCA is in a good financial status.  The expense for the 2010 conference was only $200 (for the student awards).  The currently account balance is $13, 927.96.  Mike proposed to give Andy Mudrak $200 for helping with the NJCA website, and his motion was approved.  Gina proposed to give $250 to this year’s keynote speaker as an honorary, and all were in favor of her proposal.  There were discussions regarding how we may spend the money in the NJCA account.  Below are some suggestions:

·        We may adopt the electronic submission system;

·        We need to redesign the NJCA website. The current website is mainly conference based.  Gina suggested the NJCA website to be independent from Rutgers.  Rob reminded that the new host should be compatible with our current database.  The database is currently managed by Andy Mudrak.  Chad proposed that Gina, Rob, Sheila and Aaron Moore form a subcommittee to address related concerns (redesign, update, website host, cost, etc.).  The committee will come up with a proposal and present it at the next Executive Board meeting 

4.   Membership Director’s Report.  Mike presented a report on behalf of Todd Kelshaw. 

1) For the 2010 conference, the total number of attendees was 136, including 61 regular members, 57 student members (24 graduate, 18 undergraduate, and 15 unspecified), and 18 guests (volunteers and administrators affiliated with the College of St. Elizabeth).  The institutional memberships included Mercer County Community College, Montclair State University, Rutgers University (Communication), Rutgers University (MCIS), and The College of St. Elizabeth. 

2) In his report, Todd mentioned that the 2010 conference attendance was down from prior years.  Chad said we need to reach out to more colleges and have representatives from each college on the Executive Board.  Additional  ways to increase conference participation were also suggested, including

  • reach out to some honor’s societies, such as LPA, PRSSA, and National Broadcasting Society;
  • reach out to community colleges;
  • create relevant and interesting panels (media panel, student panel, or career panel);
  • use website to promote the conference;
  •  invite high-profile keynote speaker;
  • Sheila said that in order to attract more students it is very important that we give them something tangible, such as addition on their resume, or networking opportunities.  

 3) Todd also noted that in three cases, attendees from traditionally non-participating institutions (Union County Community College, William Patterson University, and the Borough of Highlands) mistakenly registered as non-paying members.  When asked to pay at the registration table, they indicated that they had not anticipated this expense and they would not attend the conference.  Todd decided to permit these attendees to either pay reduced fees or to register as non-paying guests.  He made this decision with the hope of encouraging broadened future participation by these institutions.

 5.      2010 Conference Debriefing.  Gina said she was glad to have a great keynote speaker.  One thing she was upset about is that people did not stay the whole day.  Meeting attendees noted that this happened at previous conferences, and they gave Gina positive feedback on the 2010 conference.   

6.       2011 Conference Plan.  The 2011 conference theme will be “Communication and 21st century technology: Are we more effective communicators?”  Mike said that since the conference will be held at a community college, we need to encourage greater participation from community colleges.  He suggested to bringing the four-year college recruiters to the conference.  There were discussions about the length and time block for the college recruiting panel.

7.   Corporate Outreach Plan.  Mike distributed a report prepared by Katherine Dunsmore.  Kate planed to approach business organizations (such as the Rotary Club) and offer to do a presentation on the field of communication and how it relates to the business community.  She also suggested to have a place on the NJCA website for business consultants to post their expertise.   

8.   The next Executive Board meeting was tentatively scheduled on October 22, 2010.  

9.  Adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:10pm.   

Respectfully submitted, Wenli Yuan, Secretary