Minutes - April 10, 2010

Minutes of the NJCA Meeting

April 10, 2010, College of Saint Elizabeth, NJ


1.   Call to Order.  President Fred Fitch called the meeting to order at 12:45pm.  He welcomed all the conference     attendees and thanked the College of Saint Elizabeth and the conference organizer Gina Serafin-Persson.

2.   Approval of Minutes.  Minutes of the October 09 meeting were approved unanimously. 

3.   Treasurer’s Report.  Hui-Min Kuo reported that for last year’s conference the income was $7, 662 and the expenses were $ 10, 053.48.  In addition, the website maintenance fees were $426.9 and the fees for subscription to the Atlantic Journal of Communication were $1,771.  For the 2010 conference, the fees received up to April 9, 2010 were $5, 270.  The most recent NJCA checking account balance was $7,511.91.  Since some people registered very late, Hui-Min expected to receive more fees for conference registration. 


4.   Membership Director’s Report.  Todd Kelshaw thanked and recognized all the conference volunteers.  He reported that 125 people registered for this year’s conference. Among them, 40 people registered but did not attend the conference.  Since the attendance rate is relatively low this year, Todd urged us to reach out to more people and invite them to participate in the conference. 

5. Student Awards. Christine Lemesianou reported that this year over 60 participants were students, representing 18 different institutions.  She acknowledged the work students did and presented this year’s student awards: 

The Undergraduate Paper Award went to Jessica Hoogendoorn, Rider University, for her paper, “Framing the War: A Comparative Analysis of the Discussion of the Iraq War within the Opinion Pages of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal from 2003 to 2009.”  

The Graduate Paper Award went to Satarupa Dasgupta, Temple University, for her paper, “Encapsulating a Freirean Logic of Empowerment? Examining the Sonagachi Project, a Community Oriented Peer Outreach Initiative Among Sex Workers in Calcutta, India.”  

6.   Journal Editor’s Report.  Gary Radford noted that the Atlantic Journal of Communication (AJC) will welcome its 18th volume next year. Last year AJC moved to the web-based review system.  This year the journal is moving from four issues a year to five issues a year (including 4 regular issues and one special issue).  Guest editors will be invited to lead the special issues.  The first special issue will appear in December and focus on cross-cultural communication. The guest editor for this issue is Dr. Erik Garrett from Duquesne University.  Gary asked NJCA members to think about topics for future special issues and serve as manuscript reviewers. He also mentioned that the publisher Taylor & Francis praised the quality and standard of AJC and encouraged the journal to become international.

7.   First Vice President’s Report.  Gina Serafin-Persson expressed her gratitude toward the following people: Anastacia for her direction during the past 2 years; Christine for her tremendous work, including reviewing manuscripts and coordinating events; Todd for helping train student volunteers; Sheila for her help as a media director; Marie and Gary for their assistance; Bob for setting up the electronic submission system; Jon Oliver for helping with the email distribution list; and all the colleagues at the College of Saint Elizabeth, especially the chair of her department, for their support.  At the end, Gina asked for continuous support for NJCA.

8.   Election.  The nomination committee presented a slate of nominations for NJCA officers for 2010-2011 and invited additional nominations from the floor.  The following officers were elected:

      NJCA Officers 2010-2011 

President                                 Gina Serafin-Persson, College of Saint Elizabeth

1st Vice President                    Mike Echols, Bergen Community College

2nd Vice President                   Sheila McAllister-Spooner, Monmouth University

Treasurer                                 Hui-Min Kuo, Rutgers

Recording Secretary                Wenli Yuan, Kean University

Internet Relations Director        Robert Coles, Monmouth University                       

Membership Director               Todd Kelshaw, Montclair State University

Journal Editor                          Gary Radford, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Member At-Large 1                 Barbara Reed, Rutgers    

Member At-Large 2                 Chad Dell, Monmouth

Member At-Large 3                 Marie Radford, Rutgers

Member At-Large 4                 Carol Stavraka, Kean University

Special Projects                        Christine Lemesianou, Montclair State University

Public Relations Director           Aaron J. Moore              

Undergraduate Student Rep.     Victoria Jordan                       

Graduate Student Rep.              Mary Nagy, Rutgers

Corporate Rep.                         Katherine Dunsmore, Fairleigh Dickinson Univ.

Community College Rep.          Gina Hermann 


 9.   Fred Fitch turned the gavel over to Gina Serafin-Persson. 

10.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:15pm.  

Respectfully submitted, Wenli Yuan, Secretary