Minutes - October 23, 2009

Minutes of the NJCA Executive Board Meeting

October 23, 2009, College of Saint Elizabeth, NJ 

Present: Todd Kelshaw, Hui-Min Kuo, Anastacia Kurylo, Christine Lemesianou, Gina Serafin-Persson, Carol Stavraka, Wenli Yuan, and Fran Sonneborn (from the College of Saint Elizabeth).
Participated via conference call: Robert Coles, Chad Dell, and Sheila McAllister-Spooner. 

1.   Call to Order.  First Vice President Gina Serafin-Persson called the meeting to order at 12:15pm. 

2.   First Vice President’s Report.  Gina distributed some material relevant to the 2010 NJCA conference, including call for papers, information of the keynote speaker Mary Chayko’s and brief bios of each board member.  She said the College of Saint Elizabeth is happy to host the 2010 conference. 

3.   Treasurer’s Report.   Hui-Min Kuo compiled a list of all transactions during the past few years.  She said nothing had changed financially since June.  The current balance in NJCA account is $9,511.81.   Hui-Min pointed out that the expenses for Atlantic Journal of Communication (AJC) were: $2, 001(2007), $1,121.25(2008), and $1,024(2009).  Todd noted that the cost was reduced because we moved to electronic copy and there is only one mailing.   Some concerns were raised about whether we could break it even at the 2010 conference.  Gina mentioned the lunch and snacks will cost $16 for the next conference.  Anastacia said hopefully in the future we won’t have to pay for the extra pages in AJC. 

4.   Membership Director’s Report.  1) Todd Kelshaw reported that 2 years ago we reduced the student membership fee from $30 to $20, and it was a success last year because 20% more students participated in the conference.  He also pointed out that students from the event-planning class (volunteers) were non-paying members.  Todd asked if we should raise the student membership fee to $25.  Anastacia warned that we should be consistent and changing membership fees frequently would make us look scam.  2) Todd also proposed that if we change the student membership fee to $25 and still keep the institutional membership fee at $275, it might be an incentive for institutions to join NJCA.   Hui-Min suggested to limit the institutional membership to faculty because it was confusing.  There were also some discussions about how to facilitate department participations.  Here are some suggestions:

 ·         Christine suggested to assign somebody to call the department chair

·         Sheila said we could offer some panels to attract students and faculty to participate.  Christine said we could give a certain identity or theme for special panels, such as PRSSA, women in organizations, LPA.  ·         Gina will send emails to E-board members and ask them to respond with one organization/group for outreaching purpose. 

 ·         Todd said that in the past we did not emphasize the institutional membership can get a table at the conference and an ad in the conference program. Many institutions did not take advantage of this opportunity.

  ·         Anastacia proposed to develop a list of previous presentations to see which school(s) were active participants and try to reach them. 3) Todd also reported that at the last conference we had 165 members including 71 regular members, 67 students, and 27 guests (including 23 student volunteers).  There were 6 institutional memberships.  4) Todd reminded that we need to make sure people who      registered in fall will be moved to the new year. 

5.      Announcements.  1) Gina said the PR director Pamela Zubow Poe decided to step down from the position. Carol Stavraka agreed to help.  2) Gina asked each board member to check their own information on the NJCA website and email her the changes if there is any.

 6.      Approval of Minutes.  No decision was made regarding minutes of the June 2009 meeting because there was not a quorum at this meeting. 

7.    2010 Conference Plans.  1) Gina said the keynote speaker Mary Chayko is fantastic and she will give the presentation for free.  2) There were discussions about how to make people stay after the lunch.  Gina proposed a plenary session.  She suggested a possible speaker, Brian Lewis, for this session.  Some other suggestions include reception, fun activities, interesting panel assignments, and scholar-to-scholar presentations. 3) Tentative conference schedule was also discussed.  4) The deadline for paper submission will be January 31, 2010.  Gina was not sure how many submissions she will receive.  She will call for more reviewers if needed.  Gina also asked each executive board member to submit one panel proposal. Meeting attendees also provided some suggestions for the Call for Papers.  5) Christine will post a guideline for first time presenters on the NJCA website.  6) Christine will take the Call for Papers handouts to the NCA conference in November. 7) Since Gina’s school doesn’t have a printing center, Christine offered to print the brochures and pamphlets in her school.  8) Hui-Min suggested that we could develop a wish-list and see if each of our schools could contribute or donate some items to the conference.   

8.  Adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:05pm.   

Respectfully submitted, Wenli Yuan, Secretary