Minutes - March 28, 2009

Minutes of the NJCA Executive Board Meeting
March 28, 2009, Kean University, NJ 

1. Call to Order.  President Anastacia Kurylo called the meeting to order at 1:15pm.  She thanked Fred Fitch for the great job organizing this year’s conference. 

2. Approval of Minutes.  Minutes of the January 09 meeting were approved unanimously. 

3. Treasurer’s Report.   Hui-Min Kuo reported that NJCA is in a healthy financial status.  Last year we broke it even.  Till March 27, 2009, she had received $6329.45 for conference registration and membership fees.  More fees may be added later.  The conference expenses have not been reported yet.  

4. Journal Editor’s Report.  Gary Radford reported that the acceptance rate for Atlantic Journal of Communication is approximately18%. The review process is rigorous.  He is now accepting submission for the September 2010 issue.  In the future there will be one annual print issue of the journal and the quarterly issues will be available online.  Gary said the publisher Taylor & Francis is very pleased with the content of the journal, and they want the journal to move from a regional journal to an international journal.

5. Membership Director’s Report.   Todd Kelshaw thanked all the student volunteers for their wonderful job.  He specially thanked the students who helped him with registration.  Todd reported that two changes were made last year:

1) the student registration fee dropped from $30 to $20;

2) the regular membership was changed to professional/faculty membership.  This year’s  institutional memberships include Kean University, The College of New Jersey, Montclair State University, Rutgers University, and Marymount Mahattan College. 

6. 2010 NJCA Conference.  The second VP Gina Serafin announced that next year’s conference will be held on March 27, 2010 in County College of Morris.   The conference theme is “Building Community 24/7.” 

7. Election.  Gina Serafin and the nomination committee presented a slate of nominations for NJCA officers for 2009-2010 and invited additional nominations from the floor.  

The following officers were elected: 

NJCA Officers 2009-2010 

President                                Fred Fitch, Kean University

1st Vice President                    Gina Serafin, County College of Morris

2nd Vice President                   Christine Lemesianou, MSU

Treasurer                                 Hui-Min Kuo, RU

Recording Secretary                Wen Li Yuan, Kean

Internet Relations Director      Sheila McAllister-Spooner, Monmouth

Immediate Past President        Anastacia Kurylo, Marymount Mahattan College

Journal Editor                          Gary P. Radford, FDU

Historian                                  Tom Gencarelli, Manhattan College

Member At-Large 1                 Barbara Reed, RU            

Member At-Large 2                 Chad Dell, Monmouth

Member At-Large 3                 Marie Radford, RU

Member At-Large 4                 Carol Stavraka, Kean

Special Projects                        Jack Sargent, Kean

Public Relations Director         Pamela Poe, Manhattan College                   

Membership Director               Todd Kelshaw, Montclair

Undergraduate Student Rep.    Truc-Lan Vu, TCNJ

Undergraduate Student Rep.     Mary Nagy, RU                       

Graduate Student Rep.              Robert Coles, Monmouth

Corporate Rep.                          Katherine Dunsmore, Fairleigh Dickinson

Community College Rep.          Michael Echols, Bergen Community College

K-12 Rep.                                  Open  

8. Student Awards.  Christine Lemesianou congratulated all the student presentations.  She thanked all the students who volunteered in the past, and particularly thanked Kean University and its student volunteers.  Christine presented this year’s student awards:

Graduate Paper Award went to: Dara Persis Murray of Rutgers University, for her paper “A Feminist Critical Analysis of the Pro-EDNOS Online Space.” 

Undergraduate Paper Award went to: Sarah Mulligan of Manhattan College, for her paper “TheEvolution of the Magazine: An Analysis of Digital Publications in Print Media.” 

9. Practitioner’s Award.  Gina Serafin said next year NJCA will award the first practitioners’ award.  The purpose is to recognize a person who has been outstanding in applying communication concepts to the community they live. To be eligible for the award, the candidates must meet two criteria:

1) a communication graduate;

2) has made a positive impact on the community. 

10. Fred Fitch thanked all the volunteers for their help.  He also thanked all the members and participants for making NJCA successful.   He presented a gift to two persons respectively in recognition of their contribution to this year’s conference.  They are: Carol Stavraka, instructor of the Event Planning class at Kean University, and Sandra Petronio, Keynote speaker. 

11. Anastacia Kurylo turned the gavel over to President Fred Fitch.    

12.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:40pm. Respectfully submitted, Wenli Yuan, Secretary