Minutes - July 3, 2008

Minutes of NJCA Business Meeting
July 3, 2008, Kean University, NJ  

Present: Michael Echols, Fred Fitch, Kathleen Haspel, Kristen Kiernicki, Anastacia Kurylo, Barbara Reed, Jack Sargent, & Wenli Yuan  

1.  President Anastacia Kurylo called the meeting to order at 1:20pm. 

2.  President’s Report

·         Anastacia first solicited feedback about the 2008 NJCA conference held in March. Meeting attendees highly praised the organization, the keynote speaker, and volunteers.  Anastacia noted that we had a logo for the first time.  She also said that the registration line and the lunch line can be improved.  Jack Sargent mentioned that very few people attended the reception and he wondered if it is necessary to have it in the future.  Anastacia suspected that the low attendance to the reception may be due to lack of interest in the band and lack of alcohol. Mike Echols thought the music was too loud to network with people.  Wenli Yuan suggested to have a separate break room for networking during the day.

·         Anastacia shared the survey results of the 2008 conference.  The attendance was great (210 people). She noted that the afternoon sessions had almost 20 people less that the morning sessions.  She encouraged us to create panels in the future in order to attract more people.

·         Anastacia reported that the NYC tour was canceled because only one person registered.  NJCA paid for the cancellation fee.  Only Gary and Marie Radford took advantage of the reserved hotel room.  She said it was partially due to the early registration deadline (one month before the conference). 

·         Anastacia specially thanked Jack for bringing in the keynote speaker Dawn Brathwaite and thanked Mike for bringing in the community college representatives.  Finally she thanked all the people involved with the 2008 conference for their help. 

3.  First Vice President’s Report

·         Fred Fitch reported that the next NJCA conference will be held on March 28, 2009 at Kean University.  The conference theme is “Communicating for Connections: Instruction for Praxis.”  It will focus on instructional communication.

·         Regarding the publicity, Fred asked what has been done successfully in the past and what can be done in the future.  Anastacia said she asked her students to create the pamphlets and mail them.  She also brought the call for paper to the NCA convention.   Other suggestions from attendees included: o   contacting departmental chairs in the tri-state areao   advertising in the Spectra and through the CRTNET email listservo   distributing flyers at the AEJMC (Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication) conferenceo   establishing a practitioner award which may encourage practitioners to participate in the conference asking radio stations on campus to make announcement of the conferenceo   sending information to the LPE chapter at each universityo   advertising in student newspapers

·         Fred proposed that Kristen Kiernicki forms an Ad Hoc committee among undergraduate students for promoting the 2009 NJCA conference.  All attendees approved this proposal.

·         Fred suggested a few candidates for the keynote speaker, including James Applegate and Joe DiVito.  Anastacia reminded that the speaker’s expertise should be related to the conference theme.  Jack said name recognition is important in attracting people.  Barbara Reed suggested that we can have two sharp persons to have a discussion instead of having the traditional form of speech.   

4.  Treasurer’s Report

·         Anastacia made a report on behalf of Hui-Min Kuo.  NJCA is in a good financial status.  We broke it even at the 2008 conference. 

5.  Membership Director Report

·         Anastacia passed around the membership report submitted by Todd Kelshaw.  She pointed out that 210 people registered for the 2008 conference.  She was not sure whether all those who registered attended the conference.   In addition, some students’ parents attended the conference as “guests.”  She opposed to have a “guest” category because students will spend time with their parents.  Kathleen Haspel suggested we may list on the website: “Guest registration will be available upon inquiry.” 

6.  The Atlantic Journal of Communication

 ·         No report was available from the journal editor.  Kathleen mentioned that the last issue of the journal only has three articles and the 20% acceptance rate is low.  She said we could accept more papers and still be respected.  Jack asked what status we want the journal to be: National or regional?  Barbara stated that it should compete with regional journals and be thicker.  Anastacia suggested creating a panel for those who once published in that journal. 

7.  Internet Relations Report

·         Fred made a report on behalf of Sheila McAllister-Spooner.  Sheila is migrating the NJCA website over to a web-based content management system.  She expected to have this in place before registration for the 2009 NJCA conference starts.  

8.  Minutes Approval

·         Minutes of the March 22, 2008 business meeting were approved with a few minor revisions:o   On page 1, item 3: The conference date is March 28, 2009.o   On page 2, the Recording Secretary Wenli Yuan’s institutional affiliation is Kean University; and the Community College Representative Michael Echols’ institutional affiliation is Bergen County College.

9.  Award Committees

·         Anastacia reminded that there are currently three award committees within NJCA.  She asked Fred to email those who are in charge of these committees to request update on their committees.  She also said we need to set criteria for these awards and the nomination process should be more systematic. 

 ·         Kathleen will contact Gina Serafin and Hui-Min Kuo to work on the criteria for the practitioner award.  Jack volunteered to join that committee.

·         Kristen wondered if we can reach out to high school students and set an award for high school student papers.  Anastacia responded by saying that we could form a panel for high school students.   

10.  New Business

·         The selection criteria for those awards will be discussed at the next meeting.

·         Anastacia will bring the list of departmental chairs to the next meeting.

Respectfully submitted, Wenli Yuan, Secretary