Minutes - March 24, 2007

Minutes of the New Jersey Communication Association

General Business Meeting of March 24, 2007

11th Annual Conference: “Citizenship in Action”

Kean University, Union, NJ


1. Call to Order. Jack Sargent called the meeting to order at 12:52 pm.  Dr. Sargent welcomed all attendees and extended thanks to all, specifically noting his appreciation for student participation.

2. Approval of minutes. The minutes of the Executive Board business meeting of 8/8/06 meeting were unanimously adopted without change. (Susan Jasko moved to accept; Christopher Lynch seconded).

3. Old Business. Jack Sargent asked if there was any old business to address. There was none.


4. Second Vice President Report. Anastacia Kurylo reported that the theme of the 2008 NJCA conference to be held at Marymount Manhattan College (NY) will be “Collaboration and Its Offspring”.


5. Treasurer Report.  Hui-Min Kuo reported an estimated account balance of $15,300. This amount includes membership and conference renewals as of 3/23/07.

6. New Media Director Report. Sheila McAllister reported on her continuing efforts to increase the visibility of the NJCA Web site and its “stickiness” so that visitors come back to the site throughout the year, not only for conference-related information.  An additional feature implemented on the site during the year is the inclusion of job postings.  She also noted that at least one reporter (The Record) had attended the keynote speech in response to her publicity outreach prior to the conference.

7. Special Projects Director Report. Christine Lemesianou highlighted the increased participation by students at the conference. Twenty-eight (28) student presenters, both undergraduate and graduate, were scheduled in the program. In addition, there were a great number of student attendees. She also commended the student event planners for their outstanding work. In her role as the reviewer for all conference submissions, Dr. Lemesianou presented awards for outstanding student scholarship. The recipient for the undergraduate award was Alicia Raia from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill for her paper on “The Nation’s Poorest City and Its Wealthy Suburbs: Media Coverage of Class, Race and Education in Camden and Cherry Hill, NJ”. The recipient for the graduate award was Jill G. Campaiola from Rutgers University for her paper titled “Why French Television Drama Lags Behind: A Comparative Analysis”.

8. President’s Report. Susan Jasko spoke on behalf of herself and co-president Thom Gencarelli (in absentia) noting the growth of NJCA over the past eleven years, specifically highlighting the development and success of the organization, as well as the talent of the current board.  Dr. Jasko called on Anastacia Kurylo to join her to lead a vote on a constitutional change.  The proposal introduced was to change the title for the board position of the New Media Director to henceforth be called Internet Relations Director.  The change would be in title only with no changes to the responsibilities of the position.  Dr. Kurylo asked for a motion to change the name. Gina Serafin made a motion; Brad Crownover seconded.  During discussion Kathleen Haspel inquired why the name change was requested and suggested that Communications Director might be more appropriate. Dr. Kurylo noted that there is already a Public Relations Director and that since the position in question deals exclusively with Web-based issues, the proposed title is more accurate and less likely to cause confusion regarding roles.  There was no further discussion. The proposal was put to vote and passed unanimously.


9. Special Recognitions. Noting that there were too many people to thank individually, Jack Sargent offered appreciation to the Kean University President Dr. Darwood Farahi for his support of the communication department, especially as related to the conference; Kean’s University Relations department for their generous contribution of lunch for all conference participants; Kean Vice President Robert Cole, who was represented at the conference by his assistant Angela Ortiz; and Kean’s Chair of the Department of Communication, Dr. Christopher Lynch. Dr. Sargent also thanked members of his team including his colleague Cherie Kipple and her Event Planning and Management students who organized the conference; Anastacia Kurylo; Todd Kelshaw; Sheila McAllister; Hui-Min Kuo; and others.


10. Nomination Committee.  The nominating committee, chaired by Brad Crownover and 2nd Vice President Anastacia Kurylo, presented the slate of officers. Nominations were offered for the position of 2nd Vice President and Public Relations Director and additional nominations were taken from the floor for Community College Representative. The slate was unanimously approved.


President                          Jack Sargent, Kean

1st Vice President                Anastacia Kurylo, Marymount Manhattan

2nd Vice President               Fred Fitch, Kean

Treasurer                         Hui-Min Kuo, RU

Journal Editor                    Gary P. Radford, FDU

Past Presidents                  Tom Gencarelli, MSU

                                      Susan Jasko, CA Univ. of PA

Recording Secretary           Marie L. Radford, RU

Membership Director           Todd Kelshaw, MSU

New Media Director            Sheila McAllister, BCC

Historian                           Thomas Gencarelli, MSU

At-Large 1                        Kathleen Haspel, FDU

At-Large 2                        Chad Dell, Monmouth

At-Large 3                        Andrea Pampaloni, MSU

At-Large 4                        Barbara Reed, RU

Special Projects                 Christine Lemesianou, MSU

Public Relations Director       Gina Serafin, CCM

Graduate Student Rep.        Katherine Smith, FDU

                   Graduate Student Rep.        Consolata Mutua, Kean

                   Graduate Student Rep.        Lisa Uber, RU

                   Graduate Student Rep.        Cheryl Casey, NYU

Undergrad. Student. Rep.    Dana Eisenberg, TCNJ

                   Undergrad. Student. Rep.    Tom Hippel, TCNJ

                   Undergrad. Student. Rep.    Sharon Walsh, MSU

Corporate Rep.                  James Irwin, Ernst and Young

Community College Rep.      Michael Echols, BCC

K-12 Rep.                         Marty Bouchard, Washington Township HS


11. Passing of the Gavel.  On behalf of herself and co-president Tom Gencarelli, Susan Jasko ceremoniously passed the gavel to Jack Sargent.


12. Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 1:15 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Andrea M. Pampaloni

At-Large Member