Minutes - October 26, 2007

Minutes from the October 26th meeting, held at Manhattan Marymount College, NY


Meeting was called to order at 12:25pm


Attendance was taken, and the following NJCA members were present: Anastacia

Kurylo, Todd Kelshaw, Hui-Min Kuo, and Mike Echols


The meeting did not necessarily follow the agenda, as the four of us would sometimes go off the scheduled agenda items.


Anastacia started out the meeting, discussing the possibility of honoring

Past Presidents at each NJCA conference


Todd then mentioned that ALL Montclair State University Communication Grad students are required to attend.


The group then discussed the possibility that for the first time, the NJCA will be a competitive conference, whereas in the past Anastacia pointed out that anyone who submitted something was included in the conference program. No one felt it was a bad idea that some proposals would not be accepted if a program could be filled with quality presentations


A discussion then ensued about the Keynote speaker, Dr. Dawn Braithwaite, and when she would speak. It was mentioned that during lunch may not work, as some have mentioned that the morning may be a better time period (lunch being only an hour). With this in mind, Anastacia introduced a preliminary conference program, with it being agreed upon that Dr Braithwaite would speak at 9am, to begin the conference. It was also mentioned by Anastacia that the possibility of Dr. Paul Ekman showing up was still being negotiated.


At this point, Anastacia asked Mike Echols to be the minutes taker, since he was writing everything down. Mike refused, and stated to Anastacia, "Do it



Anastacia, enraged, then stated, "Listen Community College Boy, only a few months ago I squeezed a huge pumpkin out of this little body, so unless you want to end up splattered out on that street by me throwing you out the window, you'll take the GODDAMN MINUTES!!!"   Seeing that the meeting was on the 5th floor, Mike agreed.


At this point, Hui-Min presented the Treasury report: as of October 26th, the NJCA has $13, 874.87    Hui-Min mentioned that Atlantic Journal subscriptions were low, but had at least 80 subscriptions. At this time Anastacia presented the T-shirt to be sold. A plain T-shirt with the 2008 NJCA logo on the left breast (NJCA in bright red), and New Jersey Communication Association printed across the back. Everyone loved the shirt.


Todd then began what was a lengthy discussion on membership. As of October

26th, there are 102 members of NJCA - 65 regular, 37 students


A total of 178 people attended the March, 2007 conference at Kean

University. It was then discussed that the Paypal system needed to be updated, as it seemed some paid before attending, but there fees were not recorded. Also, the idea was brought forward that maybe we could charge a higher rate if people pay the day of the conference, and that March 15th would be the date set to get payment in. It was agreed that much more discussion was needed at the next meeting as to handle the Paypal situation.


Todd then stated that we needed to overhaul both Institutional Membership and the New registration process, especially when it was debated as to when membership begins; Anastacia, Todd, and Hui-Min discussed when does membership begin: January 1st, or is it March to March?


The fee paid in March covers Pre-registration and your Journal subscription, which is delivered in April, May, August, and December.  Also, concerns about the Database were brought up.


Anastacia then mentioned that no updates were necessary for the Constitution, and that the AJC constitution was on the NJCA Web site.




Anastacia then passed out the CALL FOR PAPERS handout, and said she would soon send it out for approval by the executive board. Anastacia then discussed her plans to teach the Events planning course at MMC. Ideas were thrown around about how to effectively use the approx. 25 students expected to register for the course. It was also determined that a great way of "uniform" the events planning class is to have all wearing the new T-Shirts.


Also, Anastacia introduced the receipt to be used at the conference.


Due to Mike's stomach grumbling, we adjourned the meeting at 2:40pm