Minutes - March 25, 2006

Minutes of the New Jersey Communication Association

10th Annual Conference

“To the Power of Ten: The NJCA and the State of Communication Education”

Business Meeting of March 25, 2006

Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ



1.  Call to Order. President Harty Mokros called the meeting to order at 12:30pm and welcomed everyone to the conference.  He thanked 1st Vice Presidents Thom Gencarelli and Susan Jasko for the excellent program and congratulated them for creating such a successful conference and stepping into the breach caused by the resignations of Maureen Taylor and Michael Kent.  He noted that this is the first conference to be held at the new space at MSU’s new conference center. He thanked all attendees for coming out on a Saturday and said that the participants are drawn from all over NJ, NY, and PA.  He described NJCA as an exciting organization doing important work in bringing together the academic and business community.


2.  Approval of minutes. The minutes of the business meeting of  4/01/05 were unanimously adopted without change.   (S. Jakso moved, T. Gencarelli seconded).


3. President Mokros announced that Jack Sargent of Kean University will be coordinting Next Year’s Conference.  J. Sargent is honored and drew everyone’s attention to the call for papers. He is looking forward to the 11th Annual New Jersey Communication Conference which is scheduled for Saturday March 24, 2007, at Kean University. The theme of the conference is "Citizenship in Action."


4. Treasurer M. Aakus reported that the NJCA’s fiscal health is strong with a current budget of over $11,000.00. Institutional support is strong and there is high attendance at this conference. He thanked the SCILS Alumni Association and other sponsors fort their continued support. He also thanked to A. Kurylo for making Pay Pal work so well and noted that almost all registrations were done through this online system.


5. Secretary M. Radford noted that it is wonderful to see so many people here for the 10th anniversary, especially the large number of students. She said that the minutes will be posted on the NJCA website when completed (http://njca.rutgers.edu/).


6. Journal editor, G. Radford reported that this is the 14th year of the NJCA journal. Manuscript submissions to the Atlantic Journal of Communication continue to be strong. He noted that the next issue (March/June) will be a special double issue edited by Michael Huspek. 


7. H. Mokros discussed the Executive Board meeting in December (Note: minutes of this meeting are posted on the website). He again thanked people who have come forward for leadership positions as officers in this transition time. One initiative is to have the K-12 communication educators included in the conference which was to have been pursued. He thanked M. Bouchaud for making connections and looks forward to making this work in the future.  He also congratulated the past officers on the NJCA’s 10th anniversary.  He noted that officers over the years should take pride in the organization, as they created a strong organization out of nothing. He also encouraged students to consider having a student conference. There was a round of applause for all officers and past presidents, all of whom have given life to this association.


8. A. Kurylo thanked everyone for assistance in making Pay Pal work effectively.  She directed everyone’s attention to website (http://njca.rutgers.edu/) and several new features.  H. Mokros thanked A. Kurylo for her work over the years, noting that the website has gotten accolades for from the National Communication Association office. He also acknowledged the contributions of P. Gardner hosted last year at the statehouse. Wonderful venue at Trenton State House.  Her work is greatly appreciated.


10. Christine Lemesianou  Objective of NJCA is to support student.  42 grad students and 20 undergrad (highest number ever had). Encourage you to attend student panels. Students well prepared.  Conference team of students acknowledged for their assistance in putting together conference. Fundraising team, idea, in memory of Neil Postman.  MR & GR challenge scholarship if 10 additional members will pledge $100 to the scholarship fund.   


11. T. Gencarelli again thanked SCILS Alumni Association.  This conference is biggest one we have ever had.  At end of program, list of acknowledgments.  Thanks to all sponsors named in our program. Anastacia Kurylo recognized for her help in getting 10th conference.  S. Jasko thanked everyone who was here and recognized the Past Presidents presenting each with a bottle of champagne. She noted that J. Millen might be willing to bring NJCA back to Rider for 2009.


12. C. Lemesianou presented the student paper awards and congratulated the winners as follows:


Graduate Paper Award went to Amy Melissa Young, MSU for “Expressions of a Mad Woman: The Observations of a Lone Woman in Anger Management.”


Undergraduate Papers Award went to students from Rutgers University who were members of a panel: Communication in Action: Making Connections between the Classroom and Practice. Awards went to Cynthia Bates for: “Changing the Culture of College Drinking: Using Experimental Learning and Simulations to Implement a Health Communication Campaign;” Danielle Dahlinger for: “Putting theory into Action: Event Planning and the Communication Connection;” Abby Fink for “Advanced Health Communication (AHC): Learning to Connect the Classroom and the Campus;” Jason Giumara for “The Peer Advising Program and its Connection with Communication Studies;” and Dustin Pidgeon for “Leadership at a Distance: Transformational Leadership in Practice.” 


13.  S. Jasko and the nominating committee presented a slate of nominations for NJCA officers for 2006-2007 and additional nominations were taken from the floor. The slate was moved by acclimation. The following officers were elected:


NJCA Officers 2006-2007

Co-Presidents                          Thomas Gencarelli, MSU  and Sue Jasko,                                                      California Univ. of  PA

1st Vice President                    Jack Sargent, Kean

2nd Vice President                   Anastacia Kurylo, Marymount

Treasurer                                 Huy-Min Kuo, RU

Journal Editor                         Gary P. Radford, FDU

Past President                         Hartmut Mokros, RU

Recording Secretary               Marie L. Radford, RU

Membership Director              Todd Kelshaw, Montclair

New Media Director               Sheila McAllister-Greve, RU

Historian                                 Thomas Gencarelli, MSU

At-Large 1                              Kathleen Haspel, FDU

At-Large 2                              Chad Dell, Monmouth

At-Large 3                              Andrea Pampalona, RU

At-Large 4                              Barbara Reed, RU

Special Projects                       Christine Lemesianou, MSU

Public Relations Director        Penny Gardner, NJ State Legislature

Graduate Student Rep.           Kathrine Smith, FDU

                        Graduate Student Rep.           Consolata Mutua, Kean

                        Graduate Student Rep.           Lisa Uber, RU

                        Graduate Student Rep.           Cheryl Casey, NYU

Undergraduate Student. Rep. Dana Eisenberg, TCNJ

                        Undergraduate Student. Rep.  Tom Hippel, TCNJ

                        Undergraduate Student. Rep.  Sharon Walsh, Montclair

Corporate Rep.                        James Irwin, Ernst and Young

Community College Rep.       Gina Serafin, CCM

K-12 Rep.                               Marty Bouchard, Washington Township HS


14. H. Mokros congratulated all new officers and turned the gavel over to T. Gencarelli and S. Jasko who accepted the gavel and said that they looked forward to working with newly elected 1st VP J. Sargent in the coming year.  They again thanked everyone for coming.


15.  Meeting was adjourned at 2:00pm and was followed by the Keynote Address by Dr. Renee Hobbs of Temple University.


Respectfully submitted,



Marie L. Radford, Secretary