Minutes - October 20, 2000

Minutes of the Fall 2000 Joint Meeting of the NJJC Editorial and NJCA Executive Boards

This joint meeting of the Editorial Advisory Board of The New Jersey Journal of Communication and the Executive Board of the New Jersey Communication Association took place on October 20, 2000, 12:00-2:00pm, in the The Club, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, New Jersey


S. CooperNJCA Executive Board, Brookdale Community College
C. DellNJJC Editorial Board, Monmouth University
J. IrwinNJCA Executive Board, Okazo Corporation
M. ItzkowitzNJCA 1st VP, Rowan University
T. LesherNJJC Editorial Board, William Paterson University
J. MillenNJCA Past-President, Rider University
E. NovekNJCA Executive Board, Monmouth University
J. PollockNJCA Executive Board, The College of New Jersey
G. RadfordNJJC Editor, Fairleigh Dickinson University
M. RadfordNJJC Assoc. Editor, Pratt Institute
R. SkorgeNJCA Executive Board, Kean University
D. SwansonNJCA 1st VP, Monmouth University
  1. The meeting was called to order at 12:30pm.

  2. The agenda was unanimously adopted.

  3. G. Radford thanked everyone for coming and also thanked Don Swanson and Monmouth University for hosting the meeting and providing the luncheon.

  4. The minutes for the meetings of March 10, 2000 and August 24, 2000 were approved with one abstention.

  5. G. Radford gave the Editor's Progress Report. As of October 20, 2000, the NJJC has received and processed 203 manuscripts (volumes 1.1 - 8.1 inclusive). Of these, 83 have been accepted for publication; an overall acceptance rate of 41%.


    22 manuscripts have been received in response to the Call for Papers for the Spring 2001 issue. With each manuscript being sent to a minimum of three reviewers, this means that 66 reviewers are currently active reading manuscripts!

    G. Radford announced that NJJC is now listed in the Iowa Guide, published by Sage, and that NJJC has been submitted for indexing on ProQuest, a large, full-text, subscription based index available at many area universities through library subscriptions.

  6. G. Radford reported on the funding for the upcoming Fall 2000 issue of the NJJC.


    The School of Communication, Information, and Library Studies at Rutgers University will provide $990
    The Becton College of Arts and Sciences at Fairleigh Dickinson University will provide $1,100 (and $1,100 for Spring 2001)
    Monmouth University will pay $150 for a full-page advertisement
    Total Monies: $2,240.00

    G. Radford noted that any additional printing costs will be covered by the NJCA/NJJC treasury at Rider University, as was approved by the Board. (Note: The quotation for printing of the Fall, 2000 issue was received on November 1st, 2000 in the amount of $2,595, thus NJCA/NJJC will be contributing $355).

    M. Radford, Associate Editor also requested $500 per issue for professional copy editing. T. Lesher made the motion that $500 per issue be provided from the NJCA/NJJC Treasury for copy editing, E. Novek seconded. Motion approved unanimously.

  7. M. Itzkowitz (President) and J. Millen (Past President) gave the joint Treasury Report:


    At Rider University

    Balance 10/1/2000: $4,547.16
    Deposit 10/10/2000: $380.00 (sales of journal back issues)
    Sub-total 10/20/2000: $4,927.16

    At Rowan University

    Sub-total 10/20/2000: $3,502.28

    TOTAL (Rider + Rowan): $8,429.44

    J. Millen noted that funds have been deposited regularly from NJJC subscriptions. The Treasury Report was approved unanimously.

  8. G. Radford reported that the NJJC Constitution states that the Editorial Advisory Board members are to serve a two year term. Letters to all current Board Members were sent out in September 2000 asking them to serve again for the 2001-2002 term. All agreed to do so. D. Swanson moved and S. Cooper seconded that the Editorial Board be reappointed for the 2001-2002 term. Motion Passed unanimously. The 2001-2002 Editorial Board is listed at http://njca.rutgers.edu/edboard.html.

  9. G. Radford turned the meeting over to NJCA President/NJCA Associate Editor, M. Itzkowitz who noted that the three year term of the present NJJC Editor also expires at the end of 2000. C. Dell nominated G. Radford for the 2001-2003 term (Volumes 9-11), T. Lesher seconded. G. Radford was reelected by acclamation.

  10. C. Dell distributed the Advertising Rate Sheet for NJJC and a request for advertisement in the NJJC which he asked Board Members to take to their chairs and deans. C. Dell will be in charge of soliciting advertising, G. Radford will receive camera ready copy. M. Radford thanked C. Dell for working on advertising rates.


    There was a discussion on the benefits of advertising and soliciting sponsorships for the conference. Attracting sponsorships for conference speaker fees, to create an endowment, and to award cash prizes for student paper competitions were among the suggestions. J. Irwin, C. Dell, and D. Swanson will act as a sub-committee to prepare a list of options for sponsorship.

  11. G. Radford spoke about the FDU Corporate Communication Institute (CCI), an initiative to bring academics and corporate researchers/practitioners together. The CCI, under the direction of Michael Goodman, will offer our journal as a benefit for membership. Advantages to NJJC include increased visibility and circulation to the corporate sector. D. Swanson noted that M. Goodman has an interest in improving the corporate attendance at NJCA.

  12. M. Itzkowitz gave the President's Report. He said that NJCA is going to move forward with seeking Tax Exempt Status. V. Fitzgerald (College of St. Vincent's), outgoing treasurer, will provide all relevant information to the new treasurer, A. Sims (College of New Jersey). T. Lesher moved, J. Pollock seconded, that NJCA/NJJC hire an accountant to determine the current status and pursue tax-exempt status for the organization. M. Itzkowitz said that he would follow-up with A. Sims.

  13. D. Swanson gave the 1st VP Report. He distributed a call for papers for the next NJCA Conference to be held March 31, 2001 at Monmouth University. The theme of the conference is Communication in the Public Interest. He said that the Call was also posted on the NJCA listserv and CRTNET (NCA's Electronic Newsletter). He will also hand the calls out at NCA and is working on ways to attract more participants from Pennsylvania. A discussion was held on the merits of keeping student paper panels vs. integrating student papers on regular panels. The Board felt that keeping student papers separate is less threatening to the students and allows respondents to be constructive. The deadline for student paper submissions is Friday, December 15th, 2000, for all other submissions is Friday, December 6th, 2000.


    D. Swanson also distributed a proposed schedule for the conference day. There was a discussion of fees. Keynote speaker Michael McCurry, former White House Press Secretary, 1995-1999, may draw a large audience, so a discussion was held as to the desirability of having a keynote only fee. Having a keynote only fee may generate more local press coverage preceding the event.

    C. Dell moved, R. Skorge seconded and the Board voted unanimously to approve the following fee structure:

    $65.00 Preregistration (conference with luncheon)
    $65.00 On Site Registration (conference without luncheon)
    $20.00 Student Fee
    $15.00 Keynote Only
    $40.00 NJCA Membership Only

    D. Swanson was congratulated by the Board on the Call for Papers and the conference planning. D. Swanson encouraged the Board to submit papers and panels and to help publicize the conference call.

  14. G. Radford and M. Radford distributed a call for papers for the 59th Annual Conference of the New York State Communication Association which will be held at Kutsher's Country Club, Monticello, NY on October 5-7, 2001. The conference theme is 2001: A State Odyssey, The Mind of HAL/The Spirit of the Star Child. G. Radford and M. Radford are conference coordinators. Deadline for paper/panel submissions is Friday, March 23, 2001.

  15. G. Radford reported that A. Sims has offered to host the Spring 2001 meeting at the College of New Jersey, date and time TBA.

  16. The meeting was adjourned at 2:45pm.


    Respectfully submitted,

    Marie L. Radford, Recording Secretary

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