Minutes for December 2005

Minutes for December 2005
NJCA Executive Board Meeting 12/16/05
Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Present: Marie Radford, Rutgers; Christine Lemesianou, Montclair; Thom Gencarelli, Montclair; Mark Aakhus, Rutgers; Gary Radford, Fairleigh Dickinson University; Anastacia Kurylo, Marymount Manhattan College; Jack Sargent, Kean University; Marty Bouchard Washington Twp. H.S; Pamela Poe, Temple University; Gus Friedrich, Rutgers University.

1. Call to order. The meeting was called to order at 11:20. Harty Mokros, Immediate Past President Presided, made introductions, and welcomed Marty Buchard from Washington Twp. High School and Jack Sargent from Kean University.

2. President’s report on the state of the Association. Harty Mokros recapped last year’s conference at the State Capitol in Trenton. It was a beautiful venue, well attended, but a bit cramped, especially at lunch. Some room changes were problematic. The program was great with interesting panels and speakers. He thanked Thom Gencarelli and Susan Jasko for stepping up to 1st VP and thanked Jack Sargent to stepping up into 2nd VP. The association is in a transitional period and needs strong leadership. There was a question on the whereabouts of the presidential gavel and MR will ask Maureen Taylor for it

3. Secretary’s report. Marie Radford said that the minutes from the annual conference were posted on the Web and thanked Anastacia Kurylo for maintaining the Website.

4. Treasurers’ report. Mark Aakus reported that the NJCA balance is approximately $11,000.00, with approximately $3000.00 in expenses. The income from conference usually covers the expenses. There is strong support from communication departments. Christine Lemesianou asked about fund raising and Mark Aakus reported that we can fund raise to increase our balance to approximately $25,000.00.

5. Journal Editor’s report. Gary Radford reported that the journal is doing well and issues up to and including March 2007 are full. Currently we are accepting about 25% of articles submitted. There is a good pipeline and we continue to have excellent reviewers. Laurence Earlbaum Associates (LEA) is not marketing beyond our membership but is very pleased to be publishing the journal. We are in a three year trial period. It generally takes six to seven years for a journal to make money. There are two wonderful graduate students from FDU who do the logistical work. The journal is available in electronic form. Harty Mokros noted that the journal is a fine benefit of membership to this organization and that we need to update the membership list so people get their journals delivered in the mail.

6. K-12 report. Marty Bouchard reported that there are 638 high schools in NJ with Radio, TV, Film, Public Relations, Advertising, Media Literacy, or Communication programs. These teachers and students are interested in finding out more about the various programs in the state. Christine Lemesianou has a class of 22 students in event planning who could assist with scheduling an information session for undergraduate and graduate program and in contacting HS. Harty Mokros suggested creating a database of programs. Pamela Poe reminded the group that we want to reach NJ, but also the region, including Pennslyvania. Marie Radford welcomes the participation of K-12 schools to NJCA, would like representative to work with the Vice-Presidents for developing programming for the conference. More and more high schools are developing broadcasting programs. Lenape has a great program.

7. New Media Director’s report. Anastacia Kurylo noted that Membership Director position is open and that the Treasurer positions will be open. Mark Aakus noted that the new Treasurer should take over after conference books are closed, perhaps in August. He said that the organization needs an early accounting cycle in August to then gear up for the next conference and for reports to the President and the Board. Fiscal year runs from September 1 to Aug. 31st.

8. Membership. There was a discussion of way to manage membership list. Harty Mokros suggested that one solution would be to have the President, 1st VP, and 2nd VP oversee the membership list, to hire someone to develop and maintain the membership database and to oversee the transition as new officers are elected. Anastacia Kurylo, Mark Aakus and Harty Mokros will work with Andy Murdock at SCILS to update current list and discuss consultant rate. Past Presidents may have lists.

Harty Mokros will develop a proposal to change the constitution and eliminate the Membership Director position and fold functions which will be folded into the duties of the 1st and 2nd VP. He will develop text and send it back to the Board. In addition, there will be a proposal to change the title of New Media Director to Internet Relations Director. These items will be added to the agenda of the annual business meeting.

9. Personnel changes. President Maureen Taylor and 1st VP Michel Kent resigned to join the faculty of the University of Western Michigan. Harty Mokros, Immediate Past President has agreed to stand for President. Susan Jasko and Thom Gencarelli have agreed to stand for 1st VP. Jack Sargent has agreed to stand for 2nd VP. By acclimation all were elected. Also Marty Bouchard has been recruited to be K-12 Representative and was appointed to the Board. Harty Mokros appointed Jack Sargent, Thom Gencarelli, or Sue Jasko and Marie Radford to the nominiating committee. Harty Mokros has the template for the slate. Jack Sargent will prepare the slate and Marie Radford will help. Jack Sargent will prepare the call for papers and theme for the 11th conference.

10. Report of the 1st VP on 10th Conference. Thom Gencarelli reported on the conference planning. The corrected call for papers will be sent and mailed out soon. The 10th anniversary conference is to be held at Montclair State on March 25, 2006 in the new university conference center. NJCA will be one of the first conferences to be held at the conference center. Dean Newman facilitated the use of the new conference center without fee. The Ballroom on top floor, overlooking NYC, will be used for the keynote speech and lunch. Breakout rooms for five concurrent panels will be on same floor or one floor below. Thom Gencarelli requested that the executive board help develop 15-17 good solid panels. He would like to see an attendance of 150. Harty Mokros again thanked Thom Gencarelli and Sue Jasko for taking over the conference and also for the wonderful space. Thom Gencarelli also thanked Harty Mokros for stepping back in to be president and Anastacia Kurylo for pushing everyone. Harty Mokros noted that the association has to prove that it has value for institutions who are involved. Christine Lemesianou suggested that we involve more alumni and also help in tracking internship sites. Harty Mokros noted that tracking outcomes is important.

11. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 1: 35pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Marie L. Radford, Secretary