2015 NJCA Board-to-Board Meeting Minutes - 4/11/15

Minutes of the NJCA annual business meeting

April 11, 2015, St Peter’s University, Jersey City, NJ

Prior to the official meeting, 1st Vice President Barna Donovan welcomed attendees to the 19th annual conference of the NJCA, and expressed appreciation to Doug Rushkoff for his keynote address. Awards were given for the top papers:

Top Graduate Paper: Thrown Curveballs: A Framing Study of Female Baseball Broadcasters, awarded to Meghan Busch, Monmouth University

Top Undergraduate Paper- single author: Texting in College: The Unspoken Rules That Exist Within This Communication Method- awarded to Faith Macer, Ramapo College

Top Undergraduate Paper- multiple authors: Cross-National Coverage of Genetically Modified Organisms: A Community Structure Approach, awarded to Cara Esposito, Phil Nichilo, Krystin Peitz, Elizabeth Watson, Matthew Warren, James Ethridge, all of The College of New Jersey

Top Student Poster: Corporate Culture and Communication of Vaynermedia, awarded to Laura Jacobs, Kean University

Top Design: Conference design and Program cover art, awarded to Sean Vidamo

He thanked St Peter’s for hosting the gathering, and thanked Dr. Barna Donovan for his considerable efforts in organizing this successful conference entitled: “A Virtual Revolution: Technology and Change.”

1. Call to Order: President Christopher Lynch called the meeting to order at 12:17pm.

2. President’s Report: Christopher Lynch welcomed the attendees, thanked St Peter’s for hosting the Association and expressed appreciation of Barna Donovan’s considerable efforts to accomplish a successful conference. In addition, Chris Lynch acknowledged various contributions (Rutger’s $1500 sponsorship of a panel and table, $100 from Fairleigh Dickinson, $500. from Taylor & Francis) as well as tangible support from Pearson Publishers and Toastmasters, International (c/o Mary Ellen Burns)

3. Treasurer’s Report: Chris Lynch provided a brief statement on behalf of Treasurer, Sheena Howard. Overall, the NJCA’s finances are in fairly good shape. The Association’s non-profit status should be restored within the next few months

4. Membership Report: No membership report was given. This board position is in transition and currently is open.

5. Journal Editor’s Report: Gary Radford prepared a written report (included below). He announced that the Atlantic Journal of Communication (AJC) actually predates the origin of NJCA and next year will mark its 25th year. It continues to operate successfully as a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal with a current acceptance rate of 16%. Overall, the NJCA’s ownership of a journal is a highly favorable factor and the AJC benefits from the association with publisher, Taylor & Francis, which elevates the journal to international status. In addition to four regular issues a year, there also are themed editions such as a recent special issue—guest edited by John Pollock. Gary thanked the Association for its support.

6. Website Report: As director of New Media, Laura Farrell reported that the NJCA will be completely redesigned. In the meantime, she encouraged anyone taking photos at today’s conference to forward then to NJCA via Facebook or Twitter.

7. Second Vice President Report: Robert Mann announced next year’s conference will be held at Caldwell University (two towns over from Montclair) on Saturday, April 9, 2016. Details are still being developed but the proposed theme is “Communication—Restoring Credibility.”


OLD BUSINESS: Chris Lynch provided updates on several initiatives introduced last year.

a. Adjunct Training and Certification Project - Today’s conference includes the inaugural sessions in for this initiative. Additional information about the project is located on the NJCA website.

b. Resident Faculty – With the goal of building a networked communication community within the organization, this initiative entails the development of a database of NJCA members’ specializations and research interests. For this purpose a form is being distributed at today’s conference and should be handed in. Chris Lynch can provide additional information and copies of the form.

c. Regional meetings – In addition to the annual conference, the possibility of holding regional meetings throughout the year is under consideration.


a. Elections: Copies of the slate of executive board positions were available on each table. Chris Lynch opened the floor for nominations to the election slate. He noted board membership included participation at approximately two in-person meetings + several phone conferences throughout the year. Nominations were taken from the floor. Despite some positions with no nominees, certain positions were tabled in order to proceed with a vote on the remainder of the slate. Chris Lynch moved that the entire slate be accepted and this was approved by a majority vote. Therefore, the following people were elected to the 2015-2016 NJCA Executive Board:

  • Immediate Past President: Christopher Lynch, Kean University
  • President: Barna Donovan, St Peter’s University
  • 1st Vice President: Robert Mann, Caldwell University
  • 2nd Vice President: Gina Marcello, Georgian Court University
  • Treasurer: Sheena C. Howard, Rider University
  • Recording Secretary: Eve Plummer, Seton Hall University
  • Membership Director: VACANT
  • Journal Editor: Gary Radford, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • New Media Director: Laura Farrell, Kean University
  • Historian: Thom Gencarelli, Manhattan College
  • Special Projects Director: David Oh, Ramapo College
  • Public Relations Director: Suzanne Schwab, Kean University
  • Member At-Large 1: Todd Kelshaw, Montclair State University
  • Member At-Large 2: John Pollock , The College of New Jersey
  • Member At-Large 3: Brian Householder, Rutgers University
  • Undergraduate Student Rep.: Michael Sanzari, Caldwell University
  • Graduate Student Rep.: Maggie Boyraz, Rutgers University
  • Organizational Rep. #1: Karen McNamara, Merck; Kean University
  • Organizational Rep. #2: VACANT
  • Community College Rep.: Barbara Baron , Brookdale Community College
  • K-12 Representative: Mary Ellen Burns, Kean University

b. Board-to-Board Meeting - Chris Lynch reminded past, current, and incoming members of the board of a meeting being held today after the last conference session.

c. Acknowledgements- Chris Lynch acknowledged the contributions of the past NJCA presidents by inviting them on stage for recognition.

d. Passing of the Gavel – Christopher Lynch passed the gavel to Barna Donovan.

e. The meeting was adjourned at 12:27pm.

Respectively submitted, Evelyn Plummer, recording secretary