2016 NJCA Board-to-Board Meeting Minutes - 4/9/16 Part 2

NJCA: Incoming and Outgoing Members' Board Meeting - Caldwell University, Saturday, April 9, 2016 - 3:45-4:30


In attendance: (partial list) : Barbara Baron, Barna Donovan, Mike Echols, Allison Edgley, Malcolm Evans, Thom Gencarelli, Todd Kelshaw, Tyler LaCarrubba, Christopher Lynch, Bob Mann, Gina Marcello, Eve Plummer, John Pollock, Karen McNamara, Philip Martin, David Oh

I. Initial conference post mortem observations –

While awaiting Bob Mann's return from finalizing the procedures at the check-in desk, Gina Marcello began the session by thanking everyone for being willing to serve the organization. She began collecting cell numbers and alerted the board members that she would seek out various ways to keep the group connectede.g. through social media. In addition, she asked that everyone "like" our Facebook page and join the NJCA listserv.

Bob thanked everyone for their support, assistance and participation.

II. What is the financial state of the Association?

Bob reiterated the urgency of resolving the Association's current lack of non-profit status (501c3). This situation, along with recent confusions with the Treasurer position, continues to constrain the Association's ability to write checks and to receive donations. The previous treasurer (Shawn Kildea) has made attempts to follow up with the IRS but our situation has become so complicated that Shawn has recommended that the Association hire a tax lawyer which should cost approximately $600. This action was approved by the board members in attendance.

As for the financials for this year's conference, the Association will pay a $1000. honorarium to the guest speaker (Rem Rieder) and $1300. for food services. Caldwell University donated the use of the facilities. Expenses still pending are the monetary awards to the top paper winners. Although specific figures are not available, it was speculated that the pre-conference balances were approximately $7000. in Paypal and $3400. in the bank account.

With today's election of Chris Caldiero as Treasurer, it is expected that he will work with the immediate past treasurer (Sheena Howard) to have the bank and Paypal accounts transferred to his name. In addition, he will work with the previous treasurer (Shawn Kildea) to resolve the tax-exempt status.

III. Operational issues - board positions

Chris Lynch reminded us of the decision last year improve operational efficiency by creating a "nuts-&-bolts", how-to manual for each of the executive board positions. In order to provide concrete guidance, this manual should also include templates, checklists, etc. Each board member should send a job description (approx. 1-2 pages) and any accompanying paperwork to Chris Lynch. Chris has developed a preliminary template which was already emailed to the 2015-16 board members.

Chris Lynch confirmed his commitment to spearheading the well received NJ Adjunct Certification Initiative. However, he recommends that, going forward, the Association should consider creating a board position dedicated to this role.

Thom Gencarelli pointed out that some current board positions and/or titles don't match what is listed in the constitution and a "clean up is needed. For example, " New Media" and "Social Media" actually refer to the same position. At varying times "Internet Relations Director" has been used in reference to the currently labeled position: " Social Media Director." In addition, Todd recommended adding "Special Projects Director" to the constitution but changing the title to something more representative of that position's duties. Thom and Todd volunteered to serve on a CONSTITUTION UPDATE COMMITTEE. Additional participants are solicited.

All attendees were asked to introduce themselves.

IV. Operational issues - meetings:

Several ideas were offered to strengthen commitment, purpose, and participation by the board and by the membership at-large.

a - Have regional meetings- to be held throughout the year in addition to the annual conference. These could center around a speaker or a faculty development activity.

b - Make more use of the institutional memberships/conference registrations. As currently structured, this is also a good way to increase student attendance. (currently $290.)

c - In terms of executive board meetings, Gina Marcello plans to hold in-person meeting-- with rotating locations. It was observed that, in the last few years, reliance on phone conference meetings seemed to hinder, rather than help the breadth of board member attendance.

V. Anticipating next year's conference

Gina Marcello reiterated the planned theme (“New Jersey Comes of Age”) and the intention to plan a full conference with at least 4 concurrent sessions per session and a keynote speaker as well as a featured speaker later in the day. Stanley Deets is being approached as a proposed speaker. (He was the keynote at the first NJCA conference.)

Discussion reflected that among the factors negatively affecting conference attendance is competition from other scholarly activities which regularly occur in the Spring (e.g. Eastern Comm. Association). Gina will consider dates in early March. Submission dates would be adjusted accordingly.

Todd Kelshaw and David Oh recommended the creation of a committee to handle the reading and selection of the top papers and that an adequate turnaround time needs to be ensured.

Todd Kelshaw will contact Dan Leyes (incoming Membership Director) in reference to ensuring that Taylor and Francis has updated membership labels/lists to enable NJCA members to receive the journal (Atlantic Journal of Communication)


Respectfully submitted by Evelyn Plummer, recording secretary - 4/15/16