2016 NJCA Board-to-Board Meeting Minutes - 4/9/16

Minutes of the NJCA annual business meeting

April 9, 2016, Caldwell University, Caldwell, NJ

Prior to the official meeting, 1st Vice President Robert Mann welcomed attendees to the 20th annual conference of the NJCA, and introduced keynote speaker, Rem Rieder (editor-at- large and media columnist at USA Today / former editor of American Journalism Review). The address proceeded in interview format and dealt with issues of credibility and integrity in contemporary journalism.

1. Call to Order: After lunch, the meeting was called to order at 12:43 by President Barna Donovan.

2. President’s Report: Barna Donovan welcomed the attendees to this 20th annual conference ( theme:” Restoring Credibility in Media”). He thanked Caldwell University for hosting the NJCA and expressed appreciation to Bob Mann for his efforts in organizing the conference. The first order of business was the presentation of the awards.

Top Graduate Paper- single author: Freedom to Marry’s Digital Campaign awarded to Joe Krus, Rutgers University

Top Graduate Paper- multiple authors: Case Study of Hybrid Teaching, awarded to Maggie Boyraz, Mary Chayko, Maria Dwyer, Chirstine Goldthwaite, Katie Kang, Surabhi Sahay, Rutgers University

Top Undergraduate Paper- single author: Cochlear Implant: Group Vitality at Risk, awarded to Deanna Barcley, St Joseph’s College

Top Undergraduate Paper- multiple authors(1):Coastal Water Contamination awarded to Cleo Kordomenos ( with Rebecca Mamrosh, Theresa Soya, Marc Trotochaud, Lauren Longo), the College of New Jersey

Top Undergraduate Paper- multiple authors(2): Transit Migration awarded to Kevin O’Brien (with Madison Ouelette, Maria Gottfried, Petra Kovacs , Lauren Longo), The College of New Jersey

Top Student Poster: awarded to Christina Mastroeni & Malcom Evans, Kean University

All recipients received a framed certificate. The financial portions of the awards will be forwarded.

3. Treasurer’s Report, Membership Report, Website Report: These board positions are in transition and no reports were available at this time.

4. Journal Editor’s Report: This report was unavailable at this time.

5. Second Vice President Report: Gina Marcello announced next year’s conference will be held at Georgian Court University (Lakewood, NJ). The proposed theme is “New Jersey Comes of Age” which will focus on the strong heritage of the NJCA. She solicited the full commitment of all members of the executive board.

OLD BUSINESS: Chris Lynch provided updates on several ongoing initiatives.

a. Adjunct Training and Certification Project - Today’s conference includes the second round of panel sessions in for this initiative. Soon the program will “graduate” its first class. A handout was distributed indicating some revisions to the attendance/participation requirements. Information about this project is located on the NJCA website.

b. Resident Faculty – With the goal of building a networked communication community within the organization, this initiative entails the development of a database of NJCA members’ specializations and research interests. So far at least 10 faculty are participating. For this purpose, a form was distributed at today’s conference and should be handed in. Chris Lynch can provide additional information and copies of the form.


a. Elections: Copies of the slate of executive board positions were distributed. Barna Donovan opened the floor for additional nominations. Two positions received no nominees and were tabled in order to proceed with a vote on the remainder of the slate. Only two positions were contested (i.e. with more than one nominee) and Gina Marcello proposed that in such cases, both parties serve in the respective positions on a "co" basis. The assembled body agreed to this procedure. Barna Donovan moved that the entire slate be accepted and this was approved by a majority vote. Therefore, the following people were elected to the 2016-2017 NJCA Executive Board:

  • Immediate Past President: Barna Donovan, St Peter’s University
  • President: Robert Mann, Caldwell University
  • 1st Vice President: Gina Marcello, Georgian Court University
  • 2nd Vice President: Barbara Baron, Brookdale Community College
  • Treasurer: Christopher Caldiero, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Recording Secretary: Eve Plummer, Seton Hall University
  • Membership Director: Daniel Leyes, Brookdale Community College
  • Journal Editor: Gary Radford, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Social Media Director: Christopher Walker, St Peter’s University
  • Historian: Thom Gencarelli, Manhattan College
  • Special Projects Director: Todd Kelshaw, Montclair State University
  • Public Relations Director: Allison Edgley, Kean University
  • Member At-Large 1: Christopher Lynch, Kean University
  • Member At-Large 2: John Pollock, The College of New Jersey
  • Member At-Large 3: Mike Echols, Bergen Community College
  • " ": Anita Foeman, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
  • Undergraduate Student Rep.: Tyler LaCarrubba, St Joseph's College
  • Graduate Student Rep: Malcolm Evans, Kean University
  • Organizational Rep. #1: Karen McNamara, Merck, Kean University
  • Organizational Rep. #2: VACANT
  • Community College Rep.: Philip Martin, Raritan Valley Community College
  • " " Gary Shaffer, Ocean County College
  • K-12 Representative: VACANT

b. Welcome to new board - As a way of increasing board member visibility and commitment. Gina Marcello invited all members of the new executive board to the stage for a photo opportunity.

c. Passing of the Gavel – Barna Donovan passed the gavel to Robert Mann

d. The meeting was adjourned at 1:20pm.

Request submitted by Evelyn Plummer, recording secretary - 4/15/16