Minutes - Teleconference- March 31, 2014

NJCA Executive Board Phone Conference
Monday,  March 31, 2014 – 9:00am

In attendance: Barna Donovan; Laura Farrell; Todd Kelshaw; Christopher Lynch; Mary Harris; Evelyn Plummer; Vera Towle

1. Conference Updates:

a. Planning – Chris Lynch  announced that with Vera Towle’s assistance, the conference program has been completed & soon will be posted to the website along with travel directions to Kean. In brief, on site registration will begin at 7:30am, concurrent sessions begin at 8:00 and an executive board meeting will be held after the last session. Tech support & projection equipment  should be available for all session rooms. Institutional members will be acknowledged in the final program (including Kean, St. Peter’s,  Stockton)

b. Chris L. will send one more mass email to the entire membership (including a reminder to register in advance and to consider running for office).

c. Nominations & Elections  –

President Chris Caldiero will be preparing the ballot for the executive board elections.This represents the practice of the past few years.

- Some discussion followed concerning open positions & possible nominees. For example, the “New Media/ Internet Relations Director” position is open and needs an updated job description. Also, the sense of the group supported lengthening the term to 3 years. This

proposal needs to be prepared as a motion and presented to the full membership at the general business meeting on April 12.

- In keeping with the ongoing goal to increase involvement and engagement, Todd Kelshaw suggested that the members-at-large positions could provide valuable ways for new participants to become more involved in the organization.

- Some of the specific names mentioned for nomination included Willie Emanuele (Graduate Student Representative), Laura Farrell (New Media Director),  Mary Harris (PR Director—willing to continue in position, but is open to other nominees).

d.  Registration: Advance/Online:

-  By viewing the “back end” of the online system, Vera reported 45 registrants thus far, and Todd observed this amount was typical for approximately  2 weeks before the conference.

-  Since so much of the conference planning would benefit from having more concrete numbers earlier rather than later, a change in policy was proposed and further discussion was encouraged. Going forward, an additional fee of $10 could be added to registrations

entered after a particular date ( e.g. 2 weeks prior). Another suggestion received was to offer an incentive for registering early.  This practice of a cut off date is similar to procedures used by similar organizations.

Since the bylaws empower the executive board to set rates and fees, this matter should be discussed among the board in order to have any policy changes in place prior to next year’s conference.

- A few technical difficulties with registration were reported  (e.g. difficulty with the “forgotten password” workaround & no way to assess registrations which have not used the Paypal portal by directly mailing in checks).

2. Updates on next year’s conference: Barna Donovan reported on several developments.

a. Conference date = Saturday April 11, 2015, at St Peter’s University – Student Center & adjacent facilities.

b. Details about the theme and conference speaker are still under discussion. Names under consideration included Doug Rushkoff and Paul Levinson (Fordham) .

c. With a goal of 135-150 in attendance, many of whom will be attending at the student rate, he is exploring ways of monitoring conference expenditures. Ideas mentioned included seeking underwriting from textbook publishers (one of this year’s strategies), continuing attempts to reduce usage fees (the building fee has been waived but a $875. personnel services fee may be non-negotiable), and strategic meal planning. As membership chair, Gina Marcello will have the post-conference data to provide a breakdown of this year’s conference demographics which can assist targeting and budget planning for the 2015 conference.

3. Internet Relations: Vera Towle pointed out that, going forward, the association likely will need the services of someone with programming abilities to maintain and update aspects of the website. One option is to put someone on retainer (possibly a $500.- $1000 cost). In addition, Chris L. suggested investigating getting assistance and involvement from institutions such as Rutgers.

Respectfully submitted by Evelyn Plummer, Recording Secretary, 4/1/14