Teleconference -January 24, 2014

NJCA Board Meeting

January 24, 2014

Present: B.  Donovan , C. Caldiero, L. Farrell, G. Herrmann,  S  Kildea, C. Lemesiano , C. Lynch, , D. Pallant,  V. Towle

At the last meeting, we had discussed having Board members getting department leaders and programs from across the state more involved.  We agreed to contact chairpersons. C. Lynch sent out phone numbers with some talking points to many of the board members.  We hope this will spur more involvement, especially from schools that haven’t been involved. Please continue to support the conference and registration for the association among your own colleagues and students

We will schedule a board meeting at the NJCA conference.

We don’t have a lot of people sending in papers or proposals. At this point, we have two to three panels. All agreed to extend deadline until Feb 15. V. Towle will put that on website.

S. Kildea noted we lost our non-profit status a few years ago. No one was aware of it until someone brought it up in a meeting. We talked about getting a tax attorney to look into it. A friend says that it is actually very easy. He will look into it. We can just fill out a form. Until then, we do not have non-profit status. That form has already been filled out and resubmitted and we are just waiting.

The board agreed unanimously to empower S. Kildea to resolve the issue. He can hire an attorney if needed. The board requests that he inform them of any expenses via email just so everyone is aware of what money is being spent.

We do have a $300 donation from McGraw Hill.

The membership director is G. Marcello. She has back end access to registrations and she can print out a spreadsheet of everyone who is registered. Chris Lynch will talk to her in the near future. One person reported problems with registration last year when the program froze.

We need to continue to discuss ways to increase involvement in the organization throughout the year.

Submitted by L. Farrell