Executive Board - Phone Conference 12/10/13

NJCA Executive Board Phone Conference
Tuesday,  December, 10, 2013 – 8:45am

-  In attendance: Chris Caldiero; Barna Donovan; Todd Kelshaw; Christine Lemesianou;

Christopher Lynch; Sheila McAllister; Anita O’Malley; Evelyn Plummer; Vera Towle

1. Conference Update:

a. Planning. Conference planning is proceeding according to schedule. Chris Lynch mentioned no submissions have been received as yet. It was pointed out that submissions generally don’t start arriving before January, however it also was noted that now is a good time for NJCA to reach out to faculty (and students) and solicit them to keep submission in mind as they are grading (and writing) end-of-semester papers. This could be done as an email blast to the listserv or as a targeted contact to last year’s attendees, who might be particularly motivated.  Those names and email addresses should be accessible via the registration database.

b. Engagement. Chris L. solicited ideas on how to strengthen involvement and ongoing participation among former members as well as from institutions throughout the state. Ideas included:

- encouraging an informal network of liaisons/representatives on each campus—particularly involving parties formerly on the executive board.

- In addition to any email blast that may be sent out, each current board member could phone a few  N.J. department chairs in order to make a personal connection, encourage posting of our conference information, and offer an invitation to the chairs’ roundtable.

- placing a banner ad on our Facebook page announcing that winning papers garner a cash prize.  Currently there is one $200 prize (divided among the co-authors) for each top paper (Undergraduate / Graduate).  An additional idea involved expanding the awards to include the top three papers.

-Expanding the formats of participation beyond papers:  e.g.  speech competitions, judging of  institutions’ radio stations, top PSAs. Such activities might be well suited to a mid year meeting/event, which could also serve to move the association into more continual activity-- beyond the once-a-year conference.

3.  Nonprofit status: Chris Lynch gave an update on the ongoing investigations into the NJCA’s current status. Even after contacting our bank, and the IRS, treasurer Shawn Kildea has been unable to find any paperwork and no one has been able to contact the past treasurer, Hui Min Kuo. However, other officers at the time recall that we spent approximately $1000 to file for the status.  It was agreed that Chris C, Chris L. and Shawn can further investigate whether that filing was done under the auspices of another institution—perhaps Rutgers. However, if necessary, they can begin the steps necessary to go through the filing process from scratch.

4. Beginning in January, an alternate method of taking the minutes will be necessary. The board members agreed to rotate the responsibility until the recording secretary is able to resume those duties.

The next phone conference likely will occur around January 11, 2014.

Respectfully submitted by Evelyn Plummer, Recording Secretary, 12/14/13