MInutes - Teleconference -Sept. 30, 2013

NJCA Executive Board Phone Conference
Monday, September 30, 2013 – 11:30am

In attendance: Laura Farrall;  Mary Harris;  Todd Kelshaw;  Christine Lemesianou; Christopher Lynch; Anita O’Malley;  Evelyn Plummer; Vera Towle

1.  Board Membership: Chris Lynch pointed out that the executive board currently has two vacancies. The K-12 position has been unfilled since the election last April and Siddarth Gupta has resigned as the graduate student representative. The NJCA constitution does not mention a protocol for this situation but Robert’s Rules of Order specifies that a board has the authority to  appoint replacement members. There was unanimously approval for filling those positions as follows: K-12 representative = Mary Ellen Burns (an adjunct at Kean and also connected to Toastmasters, International) and Graduate Student representative = Carol Smith (in 2nd year of her program at Kean).

2.   Webpage updates: Vera Towle announced that the current material on the website will soon be updated with the call & the date/location for the upcoming conference.

3.  Conference Planning:

a. Mary Harris is about to send out the Press Releases.

b. Chris Lynch reviewed the conference plans thus far:

- Location: Kean University on Saturday, April 12, 2014

- Theme: From Classroom to Careers

- Keynote Speaker: Betsy Bach

- Conference Logo: The image to be used for the program cover & other associated materials is being developed as a student project. It was discussed that the actual NJCA logo needs to remain consistent in order to help strengthen the association’s visibility.

c. Pending Conference Items:

- Chris L. is preparing a draft for the call for submissions and will email it to the board members for comments.  His goal is to solicit higher levels of participation from students and also among administrators and faculty from institutions throughout the state with a goal of at least 200 attendees.

- Chris L. proposed adding a career fair to the day’s events. This is not intended to be a job search forum, but rather a “What do you do with a degree in…?” approach. Current thoughts include using the time slots just before and just after lunch. Tables would be set up with approximately 2 knowledgeable representatives each  (industry professionals/adjuncts/graduate students, etc). These representatives would be registered as complimentary, “guests-of-the-Association.” Topic areas mentioned so far include PR, Crisis Management, and Event Planning.  Chris L. will email a preliminary list to the board members for comments and suggestions for representatives .

- Dates for paper submission & conference registration were discussed. Since this year’s conference is a bit earlier, the call probably should go out as soon  as possible; however, in order to avoid problems with our online databases (most membership cycles begin in January), Todd Kelshaw suggested that the current online registration site be deactivated now and reopened in January.

4.  Association Matters:

- Chris L. will contact Sean Kildea & Chris Caldiero to ensure that the non-profit status is in order.

- Christine Lemesianou raised the issue of reinvigorating participation and interest in the Association. Various ideas were offered concerning methods for reaching out to various constituencies, e.g. letters to departments of Communication, an email newsletter, direct personal contact, job listings, etc.  The consensus was that many of these techniques have been tried in the past but must be done consistently in order to have the desired effect. People get/stay involved if they perceive there is valuable content and a tangible benefit. As a start, Chris L will email department chairs throughout the state.

The next phone conference will occur in early November.

Respectfully submitted by Evelyn Plummer, Recording Secretary, 10/1/13