Meeting of the Full Board -April 20, 2013

Minutes of the NJCA business meeting

April 20. 2013, Fairleigh Dickinson University-College at Florham, NJ


1. Call to Order: President Sheila McAllister called the meeting to order at 12:26pm.

2. Approval of Minutes: Minutes of the last NJCA meeting were approved unanimously without changes.

3. President’s Report: Sheila welcomed the conference attendees and acknowledged the insightful comments made by the keynote speaker, Dr. Maureen Taylor.   

4. First Vice President’s Report: Chris Caldiero welcomed the attendees, acknowledged the good turnout, and thanked the many people who had helped organize the conference. In addition, he encouraged everyone to remain for the afternoon sessions as well as the Best Papers award ceremony.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Shawn Kildea reported  the current NJCA balance is $13,495. [$8238. in the bank and $5256. in Paypal].  This figure reflects  $2000 paid in advance for conference expenses,  but does not include the amounts collected today onsite.  Overall, NJCA is in a good financial status.

6.  Membership Director’s Report: Gina Marcello reported 77 paid pre-registrations for the conference. This figure will be updated to reflect on-site registration. She also asked all attendees to stay active and involved in the association.

7. Journal Editor’s Report: Gary Radford prepared a written report (included below). He noted that the Atlantic Journal of Communication (AJC) is still strong and credible after 21 years and continues to attract high-quality submissions.  With a rigorous acceptance rate, the journal publishes 5 issues a year and manuscripts are now being accepted for the July 2014 issue, and beyond.  In addition, please contact Gary if you are interested in reviewing manuscripts or if you have any ideas for themes for special issues such as the upcoming, November 2013 issue on “Reframing Race and Justice in the Age of Mass Incarceration.”

8. NJCA Website Report: Vera Towle reported an additional 100 members who connected with the association through Linked In. She reminded everyone that the contact information for executive board  members is available via  the website. Sheila added that the resumption of posting  job openings on the website is under consideration.

9.  Second Vice President’s Report: Chris Lynch thanked & complimented Chris Caldiero on the current conference. He announced that next year’s conference (the 18th) will be held on  April 12, 2014 at Kean University with the theme of “ Connecting the Classroom to Careers” . He noted the theme would be particularly engaging for students as a variation on the What can you do with a Communication degree approach. Sheila reiterated an encouragement of student involvement in all levels of participation.

10. Election: The nomination committee presented a slate of nominations for the 2013-2014 NJCA Executive Board and invited additional nominations from the floor. There were some requests for clarifications on positions’ responsibilities. It was noted that certain positions evolve as needed. For example, currently, the Special Projects Director’s major focus is handling the review and awards for the top student papers.  The at-large positions were also explained. As one year positions, at-large members are voting board members who provide additional perspectives and can expect to be called upon to assist as needed. For example, this year the three at-large members participated in the review of conference submissions. At-large positions are open to students as well.

Initially the slate was passed omitting the position of Corporate Representative. Once it was clarified that, at the expiration of a one year term, when the individual has not indicated a desire to run again, the position is considered vacant. This resulted in one nominee for that position, and thus was considered  uncontested. Therefore, the following people were elected:

2013-2014 NJCA Executive Board:

President                                 Christopher Caldiero, Fairleigh Dickinson University

1st Vice President                    Christopher Lynch, Kean University

2nd Vice President                    Barna Donovan, St Peter’s University

Treasurer                                  Shawn Kildea, Rider University

Recording Secretary                Eve Plummer, Seton Hall University

Membership Director              Gina Marcello, College of Saint Elizabeth

Journal Editor                          Gary Radford, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Internet Relations Director      Vera Towle, Monmouth University

Historian                                  Thom Gencarelli, Manhattan College

Special Projects Director          Gina Herrmann, Bergen Community College

Public Relations Director         Mary Harris, Monmouth University

Member At-Large 1                  Todd Kelshaw, Montclair State University

Member At-Large 2                  Christine Lemesianou, Montclair State University

Member At-Large 3                   Laura Farrell. Kean University

Undergraduate Student Rep.     Jordan Kohn, The College of New Jersey

Graduate Student Rep.              Siddarth Gupta, Kean University

Corporate Rep.                          Anita O’Malley, Perspectiv3

Community College Rep.          David Pallant, County College of Morris

K-12 Representative                 Vacant

10. Passing of the Gavel: Sheila McAllister turned over the gavel to Christopher Caldiero. Chris indicated a goal to address some of the continually occurring operational and procedural issues  ( e.g. memberships, fee schedules).

11. John Pollack announced several adjunct positions would be available at The College of New Jersey for the Fall 2013 semester. Contact him directly.

12. The meeting was adjourned at 12:57pm.

Respectively submitted. Evelyn Plummer, recording secretary