Minutes - Teleconference - April 15, 2013

NJCA Executive Board Phone Conference
Monday, April 15, 2013 – 3:30pm

In attendance: Chris Caldiero; Mary Harris; Todd Kelshaw; Christine Lemesianou; Christopher Lynch; Gina Marcello; Sheila McAllister; Andy Mudrak; Evelyn Plummer

1. Conference Planning:

a. Chris Caldiero reported that with just five days remaining before the conference,  several last minute details are falling into place.

b. The program has been finalized, printed and posted to the website.

c. Dr. Maureen Taylor, the keynote speaker, is scheduled to arrive Friday evening.

d. On-site registration begins at 7:30am Saturday, and Chris C. asked all board members to arrive as early as possible.

e. Andy M. will resend the information to Chris C. & Gina M. on how to access the “back end” of  the online database. Consequently, they will have access to the online registration information for names, payment status, & last minute head counts. At the very least, name badges can be printed in advance for the listed presenters and the executive board members. A supply of blank badges will be available for last minute registrants.

f. Sheila M. is assessing which executive board positions are open and she will prepare the ballot in a way that lists the names of the filled positions but also indicates which slots are available for write-in candidates/nominations from the floor. Currently the only nominee mentioned was Barna Donovan (St Peter’s)  for 2nd VP. In addition Sheila will bring sufficient hard copies of the ballot and of the business meeting agenda.

*A list of the positions open for nomination will be posted at the check-in desk.

g.  The day will end by approximately 4:00pm after the  awards ceremony/wrap up session. Afterward, anyone interested is invited to retire to nearby Vanderbilt’s to relax & decompress in a informal setting.

h. Todd will be forwarding several templates, signage, and procedural notes used in the past to Chris C. & Gina.

i. Chris C. will send one more mass email (including:  Please register and pay in advance /Review the meeting minutes online in advance in preparation for voting during the business meeting /  Consider running for office.).

j. Since there is no actual NJCA gavel, Sheila will ask Chad Dell if he’s willing to lend his once again.

k. Mary H. volunteered  to serve as a conference photographer.

l. Last year there were real time updates posted to Facebook/Twitter. This was particularly popular with the student attendees.


2. Conference Registration:

a. Advance/Online:

- Gina reported approximately 65 paid registrants, so far.

- Technical difficulties continue to be reported (e.g. intermittent non-acceptance of credit cards, problems with the “forgotten password” workaround, difficulty bypassing Paypal.)

-       Andy M. will look into these issues and can arrange to be available by phone on conference day for any glitches that might arise.

b. On Site:

- Chris C. reported he will have a computer at the check- in desk for registering walk-up attendees as well as finalizing payment from attendees who entered their information online but preferred paying later. It was mentioned that having multiple computers helps reduce lines & delays (last year’s conference had 3), but Chris C. doubts that kind of computer support will be available this year. He reiterated that the session rooms

WILL have computers & projectors available.

- Todd reminded those handling check-in of the need to cross reference database lists with actual payment verification to ensure that all attendees pay accordingly


Respectfully submitted by Evelyn Plummer, Recording Secretary, 4/16/13