Minutes - Teleconference 3/6/13

NJCA Executive Board Teleconference CORRECTED – 3/8/13
Wednesday, March 6. 2013 – 12:00pm

In attendance: Chris Caldiero , Shawn Kildea, Chris Lynch, Gina Marcello, Evelyn Plummer

1. Conference Registration:

a. Issues with Paypal continue to occur.

1) Gina Marcello reported that at least one attempt to enter an institutional registration initially, would not go through.  In addition, people have encountered difficulties attempting to use credit cards for payment. To her knowledge, these problems now have been resolved.

2) The current Paypal form allows someone to select “guest” as a registration designation without actually paying the registration membership fee. This would mean the person could show up on Paypal’s “registered list” but not the payment list—thus creating problems for those involved in onsite registration,  the preparation of badges, & accurate head counts for food services. Chris C. pointed out that this designation exists solely for the 10 or so instances of  volunteers and/or actual invited guests.  Suggestions included renaming the button or even eliminating this option altogether & have such individuals register on site. It was also mentioned that Andy Mudrak should be consulted.

3) The NJCA Paypal account still lists the name of a former treasurer (Hui-min). Shawn Kildea (treasurer) & Todd Kelshaw ( former membership chair) have been working to fix this but, so far, it has not impacted Shawn’s access to the Paypal account data. Nevertheless, this needs to be corrected to ensure that the treasurer & membership chair can access the back end of the system &  have the up-to-the-minute numbers on registrants and actual payments processed. Todd, Shawn , Gina , &  Andy Mudrak are “charged” to confer as a subcommittee in order  to resolve this issue.

2. Conference Planning:

a. Chris C. gave several updates about the submissions:

1) The submissions have been distributed to the reviewing committee (Members-at-large).

2) The numbers of submissions received suggest that the number of sessions will be similar to last year’s conference. He expects a good acceptance rate. In the next few weeks, those accepted will be notified & encouraged to register in advance. Chris C. will work with Vera to post the preliminary program on the website.

b. The travel arrangements have been made for the keynote speaker (Dr. Maureen Taylor)

c. Chris C. is enlisting students to handle the registration desk & serve as guides.

d.  Chris Lynch initiated discussion on having an area for various institutions’ graduate programs to place &/or distribute their materials. Past conferences have placed a self- service table adjacent to the registration area which would not require an NJCA attendant, but , if an institution wishes, it can designate specific times when a representative will be available to handle inquiries. As recalled by today’s discussants, (in some years) institutional members also have been allowed space in the program.

e. A spirited discussion followed on the role of institutional memberships and whether the current attendance strictures & pricing structure was still meeting the goals of NJCA. Many issues were raised, including:

* The policy encourages more student participation.

* NJCA only has to mail out one copy of the journal.

* The pricing benefits NJCA somewhat more than the institution.

* Institutions must make tough choices about which attendees are covered under its umbrella membership.

*  These memberships nurture a commitment & beneficial alignment with the state’s colleges/universities.

*  etc.

Overall, the discussion addressed:  What was our original goal for our institutional membership program & is the current format serving that goal? More discussion to follow.

f. Chris C. would like us to think of ideas for appropriate & innovative “swag”: the gift for the keynote speaker and/or the items handed out to attendees.

g. Anyone with expenses should be sure to keep clear records and work closely with Shawn.

4. Looking Forward:

a. Chris Lynch offered APRIL 12, 2014 as the likely date for the next conference.

b. A possible conference theme is “From classroom to career” and he is considering possible presenters—such as Betsy Bach.

c. There is one candidate for nomination for the 2nd vice-president position, but the full slate of nominations still needs to be prepared.

The next executive board phone conference is planned to occur in about 1-2 weeks.

Respectfully submitted by Evelyn Plummer, Recording Secretary, 3/7/13