Minutes -Teleconference Feb. 21, 2013

NJCA Executive Board Teleconference
Thursday, February 21, 2013 – 12:30pm

In attendance: Chris Caldiero, Chad Dell, Mary Harris, Todd Kelshaw, Shawn Kildea, Christine Lemesianou, Chris Lynch, Sheila McAllister,  Andy Mudrak,  Evelyn Plummer, Vera Towle

Chris Caldiero began by noting that the conference logo (designed by his student) has been posted on the website and also will be used on the signage and other conference materials.  

1. Conference Registration:

    a. After some suggestions about how to avoid last year’s snags and maximize the efficiency and accuracy of the registration process, Andy Mudrak reported that last year’s difficulties with syncing up the Paypal data with the NJCA database have been solved. He summarized the following features of this year’s conference registration process:  

 1) Online registration is already activated via the drop down membership link on the webpage.

 2) This year, registrants will need to create an online NJCA account which also will enable them to check on their own transactions. (It is NOT necessary to have a Paypal account)

3) In addition to the online payment system, registrants also can print out the form in order to pay by check--either in advance (via USPS) or on site.

4) The membership chair will need to double check that any such registrations begun online follow though by providing payment by check.

     b. In order to increase the accuracy of the “at-the-door”,  check-in list of registrants, a suggestion was made for imposing an online registration deadline of approximately 24 hours before the conference.

     c. Because some membership registrations are done in the Fall, it was pointed out that the membership chair also will need to sift through last year’s records to find any conference registrations entered early.   

 2. Status of Submissions:

     a.  Chris C. reiterated his appreciation of the upcoming assistance of the members-at-large to serve with him as a submission reviewing committee. All of the submissions received have been in electronic format so the committee will be circulating the materials in digital formats.

     b. Today is the extended deadline for submissions. So far, approximately 31submissions have been received – slightly more than half of those are panel proposals, and most panel submissions were done by faculty members.

  c.  Chris C. will be sending out an email blast to submitters to acknowledge receipt.

      3. Budget/Costs:

        a. There was some discussion among parties who were involved in planning the past few NJCA conferences in reference to policies for handling payment of expenses such a keynote speaker’s transportation, lodging, honorarium, food services, facilities, etc.  Although details vary slightly from year to year, in general, NJCA has paid for the speaker’s expenses and the host institution has underwritten some of the expenses. Whenever possible, the payment structures are arranged in advance. Chris C. will be approaching his administrators to clarify specific support and he will be working closely with  Shawn Kildea about accomplishing actual payments (e.g. circumstances in which his institution will advance certain payments to be reimbursed later by NJCA).

        b.  Shawn Kildea gave an update on the NJCA treasury confirming a total balance of $13,908.00 ($11,615.00  in the bank account and  $ 2293.00 in the Paypal account).  We will be checking into the exact account ceilings prescribed in the NJCA incorporation papers.

     4. Looking Forward:

        a. Chris Lynch is investigating an optimal date for next year’s conference. Issues to be considered include Easter weekend, Passover, ECA conference, basic semester calendars/exam schedules, etc.

        b. Assembling a full slate of nominees for offices is always problematic. Todd Kelshaw observed that E-board members might begin thinking of ways to solicit more people willing to run.

 The next executive board phone conference is planned in about 2 weeks.  Chris C. may once again utilize the Survey Monkey technique to assess and optimal time.

Respectfully submitted by Evelyn Plummer, Recording Secretary, 2/22/13