Minutes- November 19, 2012

NJCA Executive Board Teleconference
Monday, November 19,  2012 – 4:00pm

In attendance: Chris Caldiero, Chris Lynch, Mary Harris, Christine Lemesianou, Evelyn Plummer, Vera Towle

  1. Conference Planning updates:

a. Chris Caldiero reviewed the status of the on-campus planning:

- We are now at the 5 month mark and the on-campus facilities have been booked.

-  Chris is engaging students (members of PRSSA & Lambda Pi Eta) to assist in registration, lunch details etc

- The announcement of Dr. Maureen Taylor for conference speaker has been emailed to the membership and posted on the website.

- A conference logo is in the process of being developed.

b. The call for papers is about to be announced.  It was agreed this call needs to be “published” prior to the end of the Fall semester so that faculty can alert promising students before the semester break. Deadline for submissions will be Thursday, February 7, 2013. In addition to being posted on the NJCA website (via Vera),  Chris C. will also submit the call to  CRTNET,  and the usual sources: ECA ( Eastern Communication Association) , NYSCA (New York State Communication Association), Communication department chairs in NJ & Pennsylvania. Chris Lynch will investigate a possible additional outlet of a newly formed journalism association.

c.  Special Projects Director position - Still non-covered are the tasks (including collecting submissions + plotting out the conference sessions)  which in the past have fallen under the aegis of the Special Projects Director. Chris Caldiero will be able to assist with these actions and Chris Lynch volunteered to review papers but the need remains for a central organizational procedure. Chris Caldiero will be talking further with members-at-large: Todd Kelshaw & Chad Dell about willingness to approach the Special Director tasks as a committee. Christine pointed out that whatever the eventual administrative configuration, all submissions should be submitted to the same person/email address to then be distributed accordingly.

d. In terms of monetary issues, Chris C. is seeking clarification on usual policies concerning the honorarium for the keynote speaker. Christine verified that the top student papers, both grad. & undergrad., traditionally have received a monetary reward: approx $200. per paper--split among the authors.  Students’ registration fee and faculty fee likely will remain similar to last year.

2.   Upcoming board meetings:

The next teleconference is planned for early January.

Respectfully submitted by Evelyn Plummer, Recording Secretary, 9/22/12