Minutes to Sept. 14 Teleconference

NJCA Executive Board Teleconference
Friday, September, 14, 2012 – 4:00pm

In attendance: Christopher Caldiero, Chad Dell , Shawn Kildea, Todd Kelshaw, Christine Lemesianou, Sheila McAllister, Evelyn Plummer, Vera Towle

  1. Conference Planning:

a.   Shawn Kildea reported that the Association’s bank balance and current receipts total $11889.27; however, some expenses from this year’s conference still need to be settled. Shawn and Sheila will ensure that the balance sheets are in order and will clarify what expenses should be anticipated for the Fairleigh-Madison conference on April 20, 2013. However, it was acknowledged that different host institutions provide different levels of monetary support.  .

b. The continuing vacancy of the Special Projects Director position was discussed. Christine Lemesianou reviewed the initiative she took in fulfilling the various tasks (see list below*). One factor which makes this job challenging is that the details of the tasks are quite contingent upon the numbers, types, themes, and concreteness of submissions received. The programs and groupings of the panels/papers are not predetermined but must be created and organized, based on the actual materials received in any given year.

The board members agreed that filling this position is of the highest priority, and Chris will email a solicitation of nominations in order to conduct a special election. Once again, the discussion acknowledged that a longer term solution to this situation might include an amendment to the bylaws. Recommendations included the creation of a subcommittee (perhaps utilizing at-large members) with a denotation of specific operational procedures and charged to support/assist the processing and organizing of submissions. In the short term, Chris Caldiero will be able to assist once the other details of the conference are on-track.

c. As has been posted on the NJCA website, the conference keynote speaker will be Dr. Maureen Taylor.

d. The call for submissions soon will be posted on the website and will indicate a submission deadline of Thursday, February 7, 2013.

* Functions under the aegis of the Special Projects Director, include:   receive and review paper & panel submissions / develop subthemes & categorize submissions/programs accordingly / determine candidates for top 5 papers ( Undergrad. & Grad) and then distribute to reviewers / notify submitters of acceptance-rejection / calculate the overall conference time frame & devise session schedules / assign sessions to the proper rooms/spaces--based on size & technical needs / compile the final program to be submitted for publication / prepare the certificates for award winners/  etc


3. Upcoming board meetings:

The bylaws only mandate two meetings per year so we are on track. The next teleconference is planned for early October.



Respectfully submitted by Evelyn Plummer, Recording Secretary, 9/14/1