Minutes July 20, 2012 Teleconference

NJCA Executive Board Teleconference
Friday, July 20, 2012 – 3:00pm

In attendance: Christopher Caldiero, Todd Kelshaw, Sheila McAllister, Evelyn Plummer

1. Conference Planning:

a. The next annual conference (17th) will be held at Fairleigh Dickinson University – Madison Campus on Saturday, April 20 2013. The necessary campus facilities have been reserved.  In efforts to have the conference theme coordinate with the motto of the host institution, the general theme for the conference likely will focus on Global Communication – specific wording TBD.  This is quite inclusive & will align well with Fairleigh’s connections with the United Nations as well as with such topical subareas as International Communication / Global Citizenship / Communication Studies / Intercultural Communication, etc.  Chris will be sending a separate email clarifying the conference theme.

 b. Initial prospects for Keynote Speaker include Maureen Taylor (PR expert & former NJCA officer) as well as Dean Kruckeberg (UNC-Charlotte). Chris will follow up to assess availability & interest.

 c.  It was suggested that the paper submission deadline be moved to early/mid February in order to better accommodate student submissions.  The call for submissions usually occurs mid-Fall.  Additional ideas about increasing student participation in the conference include: panels on maximizing professional achievements via such avenues as Social Networking media, internships, and resumes. In addition efforts could be made to encourage networking and conference involvement among the various LPH societies.

 2. Special Projects Director:

 This important position remains unfilled. Since it is so integral to the planning of the conference, this position needs to be filled immediately. Because so many tasks tend to fall under the supervision of the Special Projects director, an alternative model was proposed whereby an executive board subcommittee be created to fulfill the functions which had been performed by this person in the recent past- including:  soliciting and reviewing  paper & panel submissions / developing subthemes & categorizing submissions/programs accordingly / calculating the overall time frame & devising session schedules / assigning sessions to the proper rooms/spaces--based on size & technical needs. / top paper review / compiling the final program to be submitted for publication.

3. Upcoming board meetings:

  The next teleconference will be scheduled mid August.

 4.  Misc. questions to be clarified:

 Some To-Be-Determined items were mentioned, including: the current procedures for accessing & using the NJCA listserv; leftover details involving the Monmouth conference.

Respectfully submitted by Evelyn Plummer, Recording Secretary, 7/20/12