Minutes - June 8, 2012 - Teleconference

NJCA Executive Board Teleconference
Friday, June 8, 2012 – 11:30am

In attendance: Christopher Caldiero, Mary Harris, Evelyn Plummer, Vera Towle

1. Conference Planning:

The next annual conference (17th) will be held at Fairleigh Dickinson University – Madison Campus on Saturday, April 20 2013. Preliminary scheduling and facilities’ reservation is in process.

We should start brainstorming a possible conference theme and possible keynote speaker. Chris is open to suggestions and input.

For reference, past conference themes are available via the website.


2. Website Updates:

At this time the listed conference information primarily will remain as is, with two changes (a) addition of a page will be added listing the winners at the Monmouth conference (b) update of the “Save the Date” link to reflect Saturday, April 20 2013 at Fairleigh-Madison. In addition, a press release about the conference winners will be created.


3. Upcoming board meetings:

Another teleconference is likely to be scheduled for sometime in July. Beginning in the Fall, meetings likely will occur on a monthly basis – in person and/or via teleconference.


4. Misc. questions to be clarified:

Several To-Be-Determined questions were raised, including: Who will be taking over the, currently vacant, “Special Projects Director” position?  Who manages the NJCA Facebook site? How do the various pre-registration tasks get covered? Have we given the usual  “Thank You” gesture to Andy Mudrak at Rutgers ( helps with our website )


Respectfully Submitted:    Evelyn Plummer, 6/8/12