Inaugural Conference

NJCA Conference - Montclair State University, April 26, 1997

NJCA 1997 Conference Program

NJCA 1997 Conference Pictures

Please join us for the first event of the New Jersey

Communication Association. It is both a conference

on communication and a celebration of the new association.

You may ask yourself, "Why should I be at Montclair State

University on Saturday, April 26th, 1997?"

If you are calm, and listen carefully, the answers will arrive:

Be a part of history: the inauguration of a brand-new association for the study of communication.

Meet and interact with colleagues from around and beyond the state, in an intimate setting.

Attend and participate in panels on a wide range of issues.

Hear two superb keynote speakers, Stanley Deetz and Neil Postman.

Share resources to enhance teaching, research and professional service.

Participate in the creation of a network of communication scholars and professionals.

Provide a context where graduate and undergraduate students can fully participate.

Have a good time in the company of some fine people.


Communication at the Threshold was organized by

Sue Barnes of Fordham University, Thomas Gencarelli of

Montclair State University, James Irwin of Comcast Online

Communications, Susan Jasko of Montclair State University,

Gary Radford of William Paterson College and Marie Radford

of Pratt Institute.