4th Annual Conference

Program of the 4th Annual Conference of the NJCA

Sponsored by the College of Communication, Rowan University, and the SCILS Alumni Assocation, Rutgers University

Names marked with an * are student participants.

Registration and Continental Breakfast: 8:00-8:45 AM

Welcoming Remarks: 8:45-9:00 AM

SESSION I. 9:00-10:15 AM

Distance Learning and Technology: Implications for Education
Marie L. Radford, Pratt Institute, Chair
"Female Students and Distance Learning: Breaking Old Barriers or Constructing New Walls?"
Jennifer K. Lehr, Fairleigh Dickinson University
"Virtual Libraries, Remote Access, and Digital Scholarship"
Marie L. Radford, Pratt Institute
"Distance Education: A Social Constructionist Perspective"
Gary P. Radford, Fairleigh Dickinson University
"Technology in the Creative Classroom"
Steven G. Cameron, Fairleigh Dickinson University
News, Political Advertising,and Race: Policies of Perpetuation or Transformation?
Che Baysinger, Montclair State University, Chair
"Political Advertising, Broadcast News and the Racial Divide in American Elections"
Montague Kern, Rutgers University
"Communication Policy and the Ability of African Americans to "Naturally" Present themselves"
Stacey Peterson, Rutgers University.
"Health Narratives on the News: Media Representation of Health Values in Relation to Questions of Equal Access"
Esther Rumsey, Rutgers University
"Viewpoint diversity: Is It a Question of Race?"
Che Baysinger, Montclair State University.
The New Jersey Adjunct: Communicating Differences between Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty
Sherry Wien, Monmouth University, Chair
Kim Cuny, Monmouth University
Matt Harmon, Monmouth University
Claire Johnson, Monmouth University
Fran Mindel, Monmouth University
Don R. Swanson, Monmouth University
This round table discussion will engage the audience in presenting their perspectives on part-time identity through exploring interactional experiences within work and in personal lives; intrapersonal perceptions on motivation, self-expectation, and self-worth; and social discourses on part-time work and status.
Undergraduate Papers: Communication and Equality
Lance Strate, Fordham University, Chair/Respondent
"Gendered Childhood Socialization Through Play Interactions"
Regina Skorge, Kean University
"An Examination of the Effects of Television Advertisements on Children's Perceptions of Gender"
Alana Michal Jacobs, University or Pennsylvania
"Superman's Secret Power: Shaping Masculinity in a Post-War Era"
Peter Setaro, Rowan University
"A Pentad Analysis of Why The Equal Rights Amendment Failed: National Newspaper and Newsmagazine Coverage of the 1978 Rally to Extend the ERA Ratification Deadline"
Lisa Sparaco, The College of New Jersey
"Hate Speech on University Campuses"
Lisa Morganti, Fairfield University
Melissa Romano, Fairfield University
Irene Chuhnov, Fairfield University
Scott Steiner, Fairfield University

SESSION II 10:30-11:45 AM

The Pedagogy of Service-Learning in the Communication of Differences
Eleanor M. Novek, Monmouth University, Chair
"Assessing Service-Learning in Higher Education"
Pixy Ferris, William Paterson University
"Issues of Race and Class in Service-Learning"
Eleanor M. Novek, Monmouth University
"Introducing Service-Learning in an Established Course"
Cynthia Walker, Rutgers University
"Experiences with building citizenship in college through Community Service"
Barbara Reed, Rutgers University
Will Technology Set Our Students Free? Navigating the Shoals of digital Technology in the Liberal Arts Ocean
Patricia Keeton, Ramapo College, Chair
"Mind Over Matter: Exploring Pedagogical approaches to Teaching Technology"
Jane Pirone, Ramapo College and Happy Mazza Media
"Striking a Balance between Form and Content:Recommendations for a Documentary Video Production Curriculum"
Marta Bautis, Ramapo College.
"Teaching Video with New Digital Technology: Neither Panacea nor Pandora's Box"
Susan J. Ryan. College of New Jersey
"Profit or Prophet? Which Vision Is Driving the Technology Craze in Higher Education"
Patricia Keeton, Ramapo College.
Spheres of Influence: Governmental, Corporate, Public
Dencil K. Backus, California University of Pennsylvania, Chair and Respondent
"Breaking the Silence at the FCC: Clifford J.Durr and the Battle to Define the Public Interest"
Chad Dell, Monmouth University
"Corporate Communication Benchmark Study: Preliminary Findings"
Michael B. Goodman, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Jennifer K. Lehr, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Gary P. Radford, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Jill Alexander*, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Tina Genest,*Fairleigh Dickinson University
"01-02-00: Post-Millennial Apologia in the Popular Press"
Terri Toles Patkin, Eastern Connecticut State University
Negotiating Difference: A Conversation about Media, Politicians, and Citizens in the Shaping of Democracy
Laura Tropp*, New York University, Chair
"Entertainment or Public Service? Celebrity Candidates and Democracy"
Salvatore Fallica, New York University
"Are the Media New Party Bosses? Nominating Candidates in the 1990's"
Laura Tropp*, New York University
"Echoes in the Digital Divide: A Historical Perspective on Government Advocacy for Minority Access"
Lila Bauman*, New York University
"Shaping Expectations: Media Coverage of Bulgaria's First Woman Prime Minister, 1994-1995"
Christina Kotchemidova*, New York University

Business Meeting and Lunch 12:00-1:15 PM

SESSION III (Plenary) 1:30-2:30 PM

InterACTion Theater Troupe
Marie Amey-Taylor, Temple University, Facilitator
This sociodramatic presentation is designed to maximize audience involvement and participation in vignettes that reflect the conference theme.

SESSION IV 2:45-4:00 PM

More Click, Less Drag: World Wide Web Resources for Research and Teaching
Marie L. Radford, Pratt Institute
Kurt W. Wagner, William Paterson University of New Jersey
This workshop features demonstration of the use of search engines, metasites, portals, and Web pages. Suggestions for incorporating Web resources into course work will also be given along with Web addresses for demonstration sites. Criteria for evaluating Web sites will also be discussed.
The Other: Communication, Power and Social Control
Chair/respondent: Lance Strate, Fordham University
"Communicating Silence Through the Process of Scapegoating the Differentiated "Other""
Omowale Tanimu Elson*, Howard University
"My Papa Writes: The Kovno Ghetto, 1941-1944; or The Word, the Lyric, and Spiritual Resistance"
Diane Cypkin, Pace University.
"The Problem of Binary Logic in Communicating Difference through Mass Media; American Empire in Historical Context"
Christopher A. Vaughan, Rutgers University
"Shared Language: The Influence of Media on American Children after World War II"
Alice Gertzog, Allegheny College
Communicating Differences Between Academic Communication and Corporate Communication
Don R. Swanson, Monmouth University, Chair
Lewis Freeman, Columbia University
Michael B. Goodman, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Andrea D. Mitnick, Kutztown University
This panel of seasoned academics who do organizational training and consulting outside the academic environment will discuss the elements that lead to success in bridging the differences between learning in the academic world and in the worlds of business and government. After brief panel presentations, the floor will be open for interactive discussion with those attending.
"Speaking" in the K-12 Classroom: An Interactive Workshop for Teachers, Administrators, and Interested Others
David Yastremski, Ridge High School, Basking Ridge, NJ, Chair
Jill Gerken, Seton Hall Preparatory, West Orange, NJ
Roz Gerken, Ridge High School, Basking Ridge, NJ
Elizabeth A. Tuleja, University of Pennsylvania
This is the first of two workshops designed to provide information and resource material aimed at teaching and evaluating the New Jersey Core Content Standards in Speaking and Listening. Facilitators will lead participants in the development, execution, and evaluation of communication activities. Issues to be addressed include: performance assessment, communication anxiety, and concerns with state testing.
Graduate Papers: The Internet and Changing Communication Patterns
Susan B. Barnes, Fordham University, Chair/Respondent
"Will the Real Jane Doe Please Stand Up? An Exploration of the Reality & Viability of Relational Development in Online Friendships"
Stephanie Bennett, Monmouth University
"Computer-Mediated Communication In the Classroom: Incorporating Information Technology into the Educational Experience"
Theresa Dudek, Monmouth University
"Technically Speaking: How Technology Affects American Political Communication"
Karen Henein, William Paterson University
"Positioning Africa Within the Global Information Infrastructure: A Plan of Action"
Jessica L. Davis, University of Pennsylvania

SESSION V 4:15-5:30

Teaching "Listening" in the K-12 Classroom : Strategies, Techniques, and Assessment
Wayne Bond, Montclair State University
This is the second of two facilitated workshops designed to provide information and resource material aimed at teaching and evaluating the New Jersey Core Content Standards in Speaking and Listening.
Above the Noise: Research and Analysis of Popular Music Lyrics
Jonathan Millen, Rider University, Chair
"Rhiannon, Ophelia and Their sisters; An Introspection into Pop Music Lyrics by Selected Female Artists"
Elaina Battista*, Rider University
Thom Gencarelli, Montclair State University
"Aesthetic Distinctions: References to Pop Lyrics in Poetry and Song"
Martin Itzkowitz, Rowan University
"The (Mis)Appropriation of Popular Lyrics in Presidential Politics"
Jonathan Millen, Rider University
"A Rapper's Requiem: A Rhetorical Rendering of the Rise and Fall of Biggie Smalls"
Jennifer Warren*, New York University
Undergraduate Papers: Contemporary Issues and the Mass Media
John Pollock, The College of New Jersey, Chair
"The Infiltration of Hollywood Through the Internet An Analysis of The Blair Witch Project Advertising Campaign: Fact or Fiction?"
Nicole R. Frese, College of St. Elizabeth
"Big Brother Changes Roles"
Raymond Hiles, Rowan University
"How Far Can Reporters Go?: A Closer Look at Hidden Cameras"
Amy Grace, Rowan University
"International News Coverage in the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Courier Post: A Five-Year Content Analysis"
Leslie Fagles, Rowan University
Rachel Murphy, Rowan University
Erin McCord, Rowan University
Stacy Luthke, Rowan University
Robert Soto Rowan University
Dave Atkinson, Rowan University
"Trying Juveniles as Adults Content Analysis: A Community Structure Approach"
Yasmeen Jenkins, The College of New Jersey
Renita Powell, The College of New Jersey
Using Media Technology in the Communication Classroom: Closing the Gap Between Professors and Students
Terri Toles Patkin, Eastern Connecticut State University, Chair
"Media Literacy: Moving from the Affective to the Cognitive"
Stephen Curtis, Eastern Connecticut State University
"Modality Considerations in the Comprehension of Audio-Visual Material in the College Classroom"
John Hale, Eastern Connecticut State University
"Using Presentation Techniques in the Classroom"
Donald R. Avery, Eastern Connecticut State University
"How to Read Student Writing"
Edmond Chibeau, Eastern Connecticut State University

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